Coach Annan can see the confidence growing in the giant triumph hockeysters

Head coach Alyson Annan, noted in the last team contest of the Dutch hockeysters at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and that the public’s trust in her team significantly increased. The winner came on Wednesday, thanks to a giant triumph in Russia (14-0) in the semi-finals.

“We played with more confidence,” concluded Annan, after the end of the competition “We saw for the goal, but it is also in the game. One of the simple things to do, and that is very important. We’ve got to the match we agreed that we hit the ball, it might be to do so. Easy to play, it is the hardest thing there is.”

“We knew ahead of time that this game went to win,” continued the Australian. “This race was to get in shape. We have about forty the end and had fourteen goals made. In order to do this, you have to play hockey. That’s what we’ve done today. The cirkelwerk it was good, and the bite was on today.”

The orange have played in the first two groepsduels same against italy (1-1) and Spain (1-to-1), to the worst START start in 1991. Nevertheless, the title still in their own hands, as a victory with two goals difference against Russia in the team anyway, it is definitely a place in the final four.

Joy, when Margot van Geffen and Kelly is History, after one of the matches. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

The final quarter played out as we support’

From the first minute to beat Eva to the right is a strafbal the inside at the Russinnen, and half-led the Netherlands with a 5-0 score. After a rest, was the reigning world champion nine times, with the purpose of, giving the team only one hit tekortkwam for the matching of the recordzege at a european CHAMPIONSHIP. That was in 1999, in Belgium (15-0) has been posted.

“We have agreed that the race gas would give a” let Annan know about it. “We were not allowed off the gas, you will see that you can get to the semi-finals too. We have, in the last quarter was played as if we support out in the semi-finals.”

In the semi-final showdown, the Netherlands on Friday in Antwerp against England. Spain and Germany fight on the same day as the other finals.

Amber was a nine-time European champion, and is also now the big favourite for the title. The winner of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS is an olympic-sized ticket to be ready.

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