CNN is April Ryan slams Omarosa: ‘you to him in the back, the neck, the eyeballs’

April Ryan said, Omarosa Manigault Newman tried to ruin your career, among other things, lying about your money of Hillary Clinton.

CNN said April Ryan, Omarosa Manigault Newman stabbed her in the back and tried to end your career, if your once-friendly relationship tarnished.

“It was really ugly. It was so ugly,” Ryan said in an appearance on SiriusXM’s “the Karen Hunter Show” on Tuesday.

Manigault Newman has been on a media blitz to support her new book, “unhinged”, and played secret recordings of Trump and his staff that you said, which were collected during their time in the White house.

Ryan was to promote The “Karen hunter” Show, her own book, if it has been asked, asked, if there is a section on Manigault Newman-the one you aide turned as a friend of the former trump on the.

“I talked with her about her taping me. I warned all of you. I talked with her about her taping me. We had the battle between the Oval Office and the press office,” Ryan said. “It is probably resulted from the fact that you are very angry at me because I …would not be in your wedding, and people said to me, she was very upset that I chose not to be in your wedding.”

The CNN post said that in addition to the wedding beef, Manigault, Newman turned to go to her for help, Trump, and after the media.

“You stabbed in the back, the neck, the eyeballs and in the front. They tried to cut my head and put it on a plate and serve it up to Donald Trump,” Ryan hunter said.

The feud between Ryan and Manigault Newman goes back to at least February of last year, when The Washington Post published a story headlined, “‘The is . . . Nixonian’: Reporter was recorded, from the White house in a heated exchange of words”. The Post’s Paul Farhi wrote that Ryan was then Manigault Newman claims said CNN political analyst, “among a handful of journalists, the White house has kept ‘dossier’ of negative information.”

Called the time, Manigault Newman Ryan a “liar” and admits that the Band, said of Ryan, she was considering legal action in relation to the shooting.

Ryan-she is White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, in addition to her appearance on CNN — then told that the SiriusXM host, Manigault Newman is trying to lie to spread about her relationship with Hillary Clinton.

“I was very upset about it and we will see what you said and the lies you spread, the end of his career, and I did this for about 20 years, if you did this,” Ryan said. “You said I was a money of Hillary Clinton. I said, ‘are you kidding me?'”

The Post also reported that Manigault Newman sent Ryan a note citing an unnamed story, tape them to Clinton.

“This story suggests that a reporter, you are (or were) a surrogate is a paid Clinton. I pray this is true! This could be damaging to their legacy and the integrity of their work,” Manigault Newman allegedly Ryan wrote at the time.

Ryan told the radio host that Manigault Newman wanted to “kill” her career, and that the truth could be easily proven.

“Well, here I am, a divorced single mother of two girls, working hard, and it’s not only the food from my table. You hurt my children. I’m wearing a fierce mama. You lied to us said to me,” Ryan.

Ryan also claimed that Manigault Newman called Trump, the former press Secretary, to call Sean Spicer, to her during White house briefings.

Manigault Newman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Brian flood covers the media for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @Brian flood.

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