Club Congé with Toos Franken: ‘I travel a preference for remote places where no people are’

Two months, and to tell of interesting people about their zomerwensen and plans. Today: the Belgian designer Toos Franken. “On vacation, I always need several days for me to be able to fully relax.’

Toos Franken © gf

The Campine Toos Franken founded in 2014 its own label. The designer focuses on minimalist womens clothes and follows the rhythm of the slow fashion. She makes both collections as well as customized creations. After opening her own shop in Bales, waving them in september to open the doors of a second shop in Antwerp’s Nationalestraat.

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Are you a fan of the summer? How long would your ideal summer last?

TOOS FRANKEN: I’m a fan of the summer, because everyone becomes much happier. What is also logical, since we all of course need light.


I’m a fan of the summer, because everyone becomes much happier

The ideal summer lasts for me just long enough as he is, as long as it stays dry in the spring and fall. I like the variation of the seasons: the colors in the autumn, the life in the spring, the immense silence in the winter. But that is maybe also a bit of a professional deformation. The most exciting collection for me personally – is in the winter. Then we wear layers on top of each other and we’re lounging clothes in different fabrics and textures.

What was the best summer of your life?

TOOS FRANKEN: It is difficult to choose one that explicitly stands out. My summer in New Zealand will probably be called out as the winner. That was during our Belgian winter, I like summer have spent. I have there the land is crossed with my former friend, a New Zealander.

For a country to experience with a local is amazing. All the hidden places, come to bid, you truly lives up to itself as a local that way. Is a priceless experience.

The runner up to that summer, of course, is the summer of 2015, when our oldest son was born. And also 2013, when my friend, European champion BMX has become. We are then going to move around in the south of France on the Atlantic coast, and had a well-filled summer with friends and festivals. That kind of summer are the last few years, a bit quiet, by the ‘adult’ to be: growing, children and busy jobs to keep us busy.


I can’t easily relax on vacation and have a few days to acclimatize.

You can easily relax on vacation?

TOOS FRANKEN: I can’t easily relax on vacation and have a few days to acclimatize. Usually I’m at the end of a trip or relaxed, except for the day before departure. Then I think again very much to all the things on my to-do list.

Have you ever seen a zomerlief had?

TOOS FRANKEN: Certainly, although I already have the best early serious relationships had summers netherlands.

What is your favorite summer destination? And where do you pull this summer?

TOOS FRANKEN: The south of Portugal last spring, was incredibly relaxing. We are only three nights, but still felt like a bit of recharging your batteries.

This summer we are again to the Atlantic coast in France driven, in part out of nostalgia for our trip in 2013. This time we had our two children.

Toos Franken © Filip De Smet

On my wishlist are still a lot of destinations. There is still so much I want to see, so much untouched area. I travel prefer to remote places than tourist attractions. Mass tourism is nothing really for me. In places where little or no other people around, I feel the best at my convenience. I say sometimes for the joke that I don’t like people like and probably is a piece of truth in it (laughs).

What is your favorite activity when the weather’s bad?

TOOS FRANKEN: read A good book and chatting with friends and family with a bottle of wine.

Zonneklopper or schaduwzoeker?

TOOS FRANKEN: Both, my skin does not tolerate sunscreen so forced, I also need the shade.

Solo, romantic, with two, with the family or in a group?

TOOS FRANKEN: With two or with the family. And if the in group, preferably a select club of people who I should choose.

What do you wear for yourself, preferably during the summer months?

TOOS FRANKEN: Cotton and silk, not to tight on the body.

Is there such a thing as vestimentaire zomerblunders?

TOOS FRANKEN: Too short and too bare. But unfortunately not only for the summer (laughs).

What was the first trip that you ever had (just) made?What do you remember about it?

TOOS FRANKEN: The trip to New Zealand was the first trip ever that I made. By a storm at Heathrow, all flights canceled or rerouted. Therefore I came only on Sunday afternoon in Sydney, whilst I sat night had left in Brussels. From Brussels I had to London and from there to Hawaii via Vancouver. You can imagine that the luggage that the trip has not followed, and so also have two weeks searching for!


The trip to New Zealand was the first trip ever that I made. My luggage is still two weeks find.

Before that I was mainly on a school trip, to Paris and Berlin. So this was quite an undertaking as the first real journey.

What is your favorite city in the world?

TOOS FRANKEN: Queenstown in New Zealand. I just have my heart lost in that country. I am since still not back. Who knows, maybe my bubble punctured when I go back?

Which trip would you never do again?

TOOS FRANKEN: A small village in the neighbourhood of Manchester, to a summer at my friend’s to stay. It rained, the village was dead, there was nothing to see and nothing to do.

What is missing is never in your suitcase?

TOOS FRANKEN: GSM, toothbrush and my portfolio including photos of the people that I like to see. And body lotion, foundation and mascara I’ve always.

What is your favourite kind of journey?

TOOS FRANKEN: I pull preferably to a natuurbestemming or go on a short trip. New challenges on the trip that me, physically exhausting, and therefore also mentally, also score high on my list.

What is the most beautiful souvenir you’ve ever brought?

TOOS FRANKEN: A bright blue ring. I wore him every day, except during the walk. One day I came home and it turned out that the cleaning lady from my mom to him had inadvertently let fall. The ring was made of glass and therefore is irreparable. It’s been a long time ago, but even now I still think it’s very sad.

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