Club Congé with Tim Van Steenbergen: ‘In the summer I dress as simple as possible: short, T-shirt and flipflops’

Two months, and to tell of interesting people about their zomerwensen and plans. Today: fashion designer Tim Van Steenbergen. ‘Las Vegas, I found great while I had expected the terrible.’

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Tim Van Steenbergen created for Bokrijk, an exhibition around plattelandskleding of the farmers of yesteryear. In the expo, he reminisces, but he explains also link with the how we are currently with a clothing deal. Also designed the designer a collection of practical, contemporary clothing for the employees of Bokrijk.

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What was the best summer of your life?

TIM VAN STEENBERGEN: ‘That is a difficult question (laughs). You’re hoping each time that the next summer the best summer of your life, surely? Every season has ups and downs.

I do love the summer, because you are half outside can live. Three years ago we moved to this mansion in Antwerp, where we live and work. That has a big impact on me. Before that, I lived always in apartments, and I had no private garden. The first time that we are on our own terrace have eaten I will remember for a long time remain. There were still no furniture in the house, because we had to remodel, but it was really a magical moment.

It is also nice to have in the summer at home, enjoying the long days, the light and work or read in my garden.’

There Is a summer of your life in a good or bad meaning has changed?

VAN STEENBERGEN: ‘I’m not an extreme person. I do not change anything on the basis of a single event, but think long about things. A specific summer to me has changed is so difficult to imagine. The move to my current abode comes back to me. It was the summer that we are the studio of Deurne have closed, and in Antwerp, smaller re-started. It had to be all not so great. I work and live here and it is wonderful.’


For hours at a stretch reading a book where you really get your teeth into. This is fantastic

What is your favorite zomerboek?

VAN STEENBERGEN: ‘In the summer I read like classics. Translations of Virginia Woolf or Tolstoy. Big, thick, difficult literature. During the summer I can be me there, then turn on, while I was there during the year, the time is not for me. I have now started in The ‘Exit’ of Virginia Woolf, which is newly published in translation.

For me War and Peace and Anna Karenina real zomerboeken. For hours at a stretch reading a book where you really get your teeth into. I really appreciated that.’

What is your favorite summer destination?

VAN STEENBERGEN: ‘Italy, anyway. The mix of the good weather, the delicious food, the fascinating culture, the beauty of the country: Italy is really something special. This year I go twice to Italy during the summer. A time to Puglia and the second time to Umbria. If I’s weekend getaway, Italy is my first choice.’

Have you ever seen a zomerlief had?

VAN STEENBERGEN: ‘a love that is but a summer of lasts? Yes, that has everybody had? (laughs) After the summer, you come to the realization that it is but a summer’s whim. In the summer results in the the Aperol Spritz some pot there, everyone is happy. And then you’ll come back to your senses.’


In the summer results in the the Aperol Spritz some pot there, everyone is happy. And then you’ll come back to your sentences

How long would your ideal summer last?

VAN STEENBERGEN: ‘Four months. I also love really of a cold, white winter. Ice cold, with snow. I love it. That different seasons need to be sure. That in the summer a lot of light, I find delicious. Between seasons, I find less inspiring. In Belgium are mainly wet and grey.’

Zonneklopper or schaduwzoeker?

VAN STEENBERGEN: ‘Schaduwzoeker. I don’t have the skin to be in the flat sun. I have to rub it with factor fifty and under an umbrella.”

Soloreiziger, preferably with z’n twos or in a group on holiday?

VAN STEENBERGEN: ‘Preferably with two. Solo is nothing for me. With two I really like, then you can eat together and enjoy it. Good food on a trip I find very important. It’s just fun to get together things to do and talk about. Certainly as a couple is fine, because you can just fully enjoy each other and don’t pay attention to other people.


I go preferably with two on a trip. Solo is nothing for me.

In a group is also fun, but mainly for a few days. If it takes longer, you need to take into account all those different people and their opinions.

A skireis is in a group is fun, because then you know very well what the daily schedule will be and there is no discussion possible.’

Do you have a favorite zomerliedje?

VAN STEENBERGEN: ‘it varies. During the summer I more tango and fado. And Charles Aznavour. It is a zwoeler season and that you hear the music. In the winter I listen more to jazz.

Often there is a summer hit and which songs do you think of a certain summer. Think ‘Get Lucky’ by Daft Punk. There, you have memories. What was the hit of last year?”

That Was not Despacito?

VAN STEENBERGEN: ‘Ooh, yes, that was my thing.” (laughs)

Are you a festival goer?

VAN STEENBERGEN: ‘Not really. I don’t like a crowd of people. As a child, I am much to Werchter, together with my aunt. To Werchter, I continue to go to my twentieth, but then I stopped because there are just too many people around.

Give me but a small, cozy, intimate festival. I go for example to the activities of The Summer of Antwerp. And this year, I would like to look at Jazz Middelheim down.


Give me but a small, cozy, intimate festival.

I’m from Turnhout and Open Tropics, after the exams. A small, private festivalletje. That was saved.”

Do you have a favorite summer terrace?

VAN STEENBERGEN: ‘Outside my own terrace, there is here in the neighborhood Bar Vert, that’s very nice. As soon as the spring, we can have a delicious lunch on the terrace. I am here to be spoiled in this area. Now We also have Picks in the Green Quarter, that also has nice and quiet terraces. You keep what in your area hang out. The centre of Antwerp is very nice, but that is very touristy and busy. Here you’ll meet people who live here, you know. I love the village feeling that you have here.

In which outfit do you feel best in the summer?

VAN STEENBERGEN: ‘as simple As possible. A short, a T-shirt and sandals or flipflops. During the warm months, I dress as relaxed as possible. Certainly not a suit or shirt. I want to be there just not to many are doing during the summer.

In my collections I stop, therefore, also dresses that are not too complex, that you can simply attract in order to walking out without too much thought. Thus, you can, as a woman, well dressed in a relaxed way. A dress is an outfit that is useful in clothes for women.”

Is there a scent that you associate with summer?

VAN STEENBERGEN: ‘Lavender and jasmine. We have jasmine in the garden and that has a very intense smell. When that totally has, you know that summer has come. Then the nature is very very green. Since I have a garden I have, I find it fun to listen to the rhythm of nature.’

There Is something that is never missing in your suitcase?

VAN STEENBERGEN: ‘Ears for music: definitely on the plane without me like. Also a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen factor fifty, otherwise it’s not good. I also take always choose a travel book. Documentation on the destination I think it is very important, because I know like where I have to go trek and what I have on my destination not to miss.’


I am picky in selecting my holidays, so I’m not often disappointed.

What do you think is an underestimated and/or overestimated travel destination?

VAN STEENBERGEN:: “I am picky in selecting my holidays, so I’m not often disappointed. A country where I feared that this was very touristy, but happy was surprised to discover that it was not busy, it is Portugal. A beautiful travel destination, with quiet beaches, wild nature, lovely people and delicious food. It is much nicer and more authentic than I thought.

Where you me will not soon see, is Knokke. I would rather go to the Dutch coast, where it is quieter.

Las Vegas I found to be great, as I expected, it is terrible to find, and people told me it was not recommended. That this megalomaniac can exist, is incredible. I’ve been four days and I’ve eyes looking. After those four days I was there also, however, be done with it. Actually, everything is awesome to see. You must therefore not go to live (laughs).

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