Club Congé with Lize Feryn: ‘The best summer of my life I experienced this winter in Cape town

Two months, and to tell of interesting people about their zomerwensen and plans. Today: model and actress Lize Feryn. ‘For me the summer last forever.’

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Lize Feryn (25) is model and actress in the netherlands and abroad, well known from the televisiereeksen ‘In Flanders fields’ and ‘#hetisingewikkeld’. As a model she ran shows for Calvin Klein, Natan, and United Colors of Benetton. With its siblings Yanne and Mira founded Lize the handtassenlabel Feryn. In their studio in Deerlijk they combine their passion for craft and creation.

What was the best summer of your life?

LIZE FERYN: An atypical answer, but may I for the last winter? I am for three months to Cape town was drawn, where the heart of summer. No winter coats, but bikini’s and zomerkleedjes. Not skiing, but surfing and mountain climbing. Cocktails instead of mulled wine. So I could enjoy bruingebakken to our Belgian spring start.

What is your ultimate zomerboek?

LIZE FERYN: Or a zomerboek is, I don’t know, but Invisible by Paul Auster, I really like to read. It is such a book that when it is once again want to read with other eyes.

Lize Feryn © gf

Have you ever seen a zomerlief had?

LIZE FERYN: I have never zomerliefjes had. I was always pretty shy in that area. Friends pitched on a camp, always a boy on the hook for a week or two, but I dared not.

What is your favorite summer destination?

LIZE FERYN: This winter I fell in love with Cape town. It is a city where everything can. In Cape town is the best of all worlds united: beautiful nature, fantastic weather, mountains, oceans, penguins on a beach, great food. They see me in there back.

Where do you pull this summer?

LIZE FERYN: This summer is a festival summer. Why away from Belgium as well as here is so much to do?

After the summer months, a trip in the offing?

LIZE FERYN: In October, there are plans for Thailand. Aster and I have never been there, so it seemed to us great to be there once to explore.

How long would your ideal summer last?

LIZE FERYN: Forever. I’m really a zomermens. That is exactly why I try in the winter is also always a sunny destination to choose, however, to the cold to escape.

Nude beach or still, but rather with a swimsuit?

LIZE FERYN: Do with swimsuit. I’m not really a prude, but there is no need to see ugly naked men. A swimsuit makes it a little less uncomfortable.

Zonneklopper or schaduwzoeker?

LIZE FERYN: Something between the two. An hour or two in the sun, then cooling off in the shade. I would like a tan, but not so much that I my brain voluntarily let cook until tender.

Lize Feryn © gf

Solo, romantic with two or in a group?

LIZE FERYN: I notice that if I am only on adventure departure, I within the shortest of times with new friends surround. Romantic with two recently, of course, also totally my thing. Aster and I did in June for a roadtrip, what very good is bad. I can’t wait until we’re together again going on adventures.

What is your favorite summer festival?

LIZE FERYN: I must clichégewijs for Tomorrowland choose. You imagine yourself for three full days in a magical world, where your party can celebrate with people from all over the world. A very unique experience if you ask me.

What flavors of ice cream you can’t resist?

LIZE FERYN: I prefer frozen yogurt! Orange-apricot flavour with fresh raspberries and strawberries. The water enters me in the mouth when I think of them.

What was the first trip that you ever only made?

LIZE FERYN: The first trip I ever only made went to Milan. I was eighteen and got an offer to play in the Milan modelling. What was originally three weeks would take, I was so pleased that I finally six months of am remained. Of a boarding school, where I two hours per week in the school was allowed to leave to absolute independence. The step could not be greater, and the freedom could not be sweeter.

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