Clinton says she would like to run Facebook

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Hillary Clinton says Harvard audience, ‘this too shall pass”

The former Democratic presidential candidate, calls-to stay in political office holders, the government, as long as you can, to fight for ” facts and evidence and our values.’

Hillary Clinton did not win the presidency in 2016, so it is still a job that you would like to have? The former democratic party nominee for the question on Friday at Harvard University and said she’d like to Facebook.

During an event, she received the prestigious Radcliffe medal for “transformative effect on society,” Clinton was asked which company you would like to lead as CEO.

Without hesitation, Clinton called Facebook, in view of the fact that the social media giant has great strength and regulates the flow of information.

To replace Hillary Clinton, ready, policy, and CEO of #Facebook. Should Zuck be worried? ??

— Larry Kim (@larrykim) may 29, 2018

“It is the biggest news platform in the world … but most of the people in our country said of your messages, true or not, of Facebook,” she said.

The response drew mixed reactions on social media, although the attempt, it is allowed to your name on the table not so out of the ordinary. Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg openly endorsed Clinton’s candidacy, while a co-founder of the social media giant, Dustin Moskovitz, led a nearly $30 million effort to defeat the now-President Donald Trump.

Other Facebook employees contributed more money for Clinton’s campaign, some $114,000, as to those of other candidates, according to Federal Election Commission data, which takes into account that only donations above $200, the hill reported.

But the former U.S. Secretary of state openness to the running of Facebook came in time, as the tech company is coping with a series of scandals, including alleged misuse of user data is allowed, political campaigns, possibly including Clinton, to potential voters after the acquisition of the data of millions of people.

Just this week, Facebook misleading tactics it has been accused of, to accept the pressure of the people to privacy statement. Following a complaint from the European centre for Digital rights on behalf of an anonymous individual, the platform user, the notifications are sent to the consent to the new privacy policy and uses “tricks” – including fake message is blocked, the pressure in the agreement with the policy.

“[Facebook] is used, the more ‘tricks’ to the pressure of the user: For example, the consent page included two fake red dots … that indicate that the user has new messages, and messages that he/she can access without consent — even if the user does not have such messages, or messages that, in reality,” the complaint reads, according to Australia


But much like Cambridge Analytica, the company was forced, in the middle of the data-abuse scandal, the Clinton campaign itself can be harvested, the data of millions of users, an edge over trump.

In the middle of the election, Clinton’s campaign is a mobile application called “Hillary 2016” launched allows each user pair, your friends list on Facebook with your phone contacts – and the campaign to give the permission to access to this info.

People who do not download the application or to deny it Clinton supporters, not given the opportunity, your Facebook friends by pairing their phone numbers with Facebook accounts and enter their probability of voting for the candidate of the Democrats.

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