Clinton-Obama E-Mails looking for sen. Ron Johnson in the midst of Dems’ prosecution’s request

nearvideo senators release previously unreleased Strzok-page texts

The Republicans send a letter to the General inspector Michael Atkinson to claim to know why the watchdog has not said when the investigation, ” a series of leaks of confidential information.’

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson sought on Thursday to officially “all E-Mail communications” between Hillary Clinton and former President Obama, said the justice Ministry was blocking their release-although light on whether the former Secretary of state discussed sensitive issues to your personal unsecured E-Mail system, while she was overseas.

Johnson’s letter came as house Democrats approved procedure for their impeachment request against the President, Trump says, is that he may have endangered the national security of the United States, supposedly a source of tax assistance for Ukraine for political reasons. Earlier this month, a State Department report in bill Clinton’s use of a private E-Mail server for the government, the companies, dozens of people and hundreds of safety violations.

In a letter to the US National Archives and Records Administration, Johnson, R-Wis., summer said 2016 communications from FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok to FBI Director James Comey chief of staff James Rybicki pointed to the existence of the Clinton-Obama messages that are relevant to questions in connection with your private server.


Johnson noted that on 28, June, 2016, one week prior to Comey’s public explanation, that “no reasonable state would require a lawyer,” Clinton, Strzok said, “Jim – I’ve got the POTUS – HRC-E-mail [Director Comey] requested at the end of the meeting yesterday. I hesitate to leave you, please let me know a convenient time to drop off.”


“I am writing to request E-Mail communication between the former US Secretary of state Hillary Clinton and President Obama,” Johnson, setting a deadline of Nov wrote. 14, 2019. “In January of 2018, I asked the Department of justice (DOJ) to produce E-Mails sent to Secretary of state Clinton, President Obama, while in the ‘territory of a challenging opponent.'”

He added: “the Ministry of justice confirmed that they ‘are not able to produce’ to, E-Mails to the Committee, containing “shares in entities other Executive,” I ask that, in accordance with the Presidential Records Act, please provide all E-Mail communication between Secretary of state Clinton and President Obama.”


A-may-2016 E-Mail from Strzok, who told Fox News last year: “we know that foreign actors gain access” to some of the Clinton E-Mails, including at least a “secret” message “about the compromise, the private E-Mail accounts” of the Clinton staff. However, last year, the DOJ watchdog Comey for speculation to suggest publicly that Clinton had the E-Mails were hacked by foreign actors.

The Interviews with intelligence community officials released indicated last August that senior FBI leaders “seemed to be indifferent to evidence of possible penetration by a foreign adversary” in Clinton, non-government E-Mail servers, and the State Department officials allegedly tried to “downgrade classified material on the server,” according to Senate investigators, the matter to explore.


The information was sent in a letter, and interview transcripts, the majority of employees at Johnson’s Homeland Security Committee, a senior Senate Republicans, including Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa. The letter also noted that “neither the committees nor the FBI were able to confirm whether or not a procedure in the server has occurred.”


Many of the Clinton E-Mails that have already been published. A batch of unearthed, heavily processed and classified E-Mails from Clinton’s personal E-Mail server, published, revealed last March that the former Secretary of state discussed the creation of a “private, 100% off-the-record” channel back to the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and that one of their top allies, warned that she was in “danger” of “‘ve savaged by Jewish organizations, in the Jewish press and among the phalanx of neo-conservative media” as a result of the political machinations of the “Bibi and the Jewish leadership”.

The 756-page of the documents revealed as part of a transparency lawsuit by Judicial Watch, seemingly contradicted Clinton’s insistence under oath in the year 2015, she had over all of your sensitive work-related E-Mails to the State Department, and included a number of classified communication about everything from foreign policy to the State Department of personnel Affairs.

The files are a treasure trove of 72,000 documents the FBI recovered and turned over to the state Department in the year 2017.


In addition, according to the E-Mail dump, Clinton Minister Tony Blair chatted with the former British Premier on the selected questions of foreign policy, before she was sworn in, supported the application of at least one Department of State applicant, which was connected to their daughter, Chelsea, and, apparently, met with Putin, the Georgian oligarch Bidzina Ivanishvili before he became Prime Minister on a staunchly pro-Russian platform operation — and reported with the help of a Russian intervention.

Ivanishvili especially not Putin criticize during his campaign, despite Putin’s invasion of Georgia years earlier — and in 2012, Ivanishvili made headlines for refusing to meet with Clinton, unless it was a one-on-one sitdown.

Fox News’ Jason Donner contributed to this report.

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