Clinton declared a “crisis in our democracy,” as Harvard gives her a medal

Hillary Clinton warned of a “crisis in our democracy” on Friday.


Hillary Clinton said that there is a “crisis in our democracy” in a speech on Friday, as she received a medal of the Harvard University for their service to the country.

Clinton, who often has a dour appraisal of America’s current political and social reality, the Radcliffe medal, the commendation of those who had a “transformative impact on society.”

The organizers said they chose Clinton because the former Secretary of state a human rights champion, as well as a “skilled legislator and advocate of American leadership” on the world stage.

In her speech, not to mention you, President of the Trump name, but took some not-so-veiled swipes at the White house — talk about leaders who try to polarise the nation to delegitimize news agencies and also to disseminate fake messages.

“Trying to erase the line between fact and fiction, truth and reality is a Central feature of authoritarianism,” she said.

As in previous speeches, Clinton has a gloomy forecast for America’s current condition and she has no secret made painted from their opposition to the, what does your 2016 opponent.

“Now we are going through a crisis in our democracy,” she said. “There are no tanks on the street, but what is happening today goes to the heart of who we are as a nation.”

“I don’t say this as a Democrat who lost an election, but an American fear of the loss of a country,” she said.

In her speech, she called to fight for the “democratic resilience”, the trend, and proposed to find ways to respectfully disagree with you, including the fight against fake news, voting and subscribing to a newspaper.

“It is not easy to wade back into the fight, but that is what we need to do,” she said.

They also called for the empathy between people, about the political trenches.

“I am optimistic for the future, because of how incredibly hard, we have to prove,” she said, citing the Park’s landscape, students for gun control as an example of an activist movement, gave her hope.

Clinton, the former Secretary of state and 2001 winner from the United States, Madeleine Albright, and engaged in a conversation on stage with the Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey.

In her speech, Albright their own side took a swipe at the current government.

“Hillary, more diplomatic, wrote a book called “What Happened,” she said. “My book is called ‘fascism.'”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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