Clinton campaign, the app can be harvested have Facebook data of millions of

Hillary Clinton takes the stage during the LA promise Fund, the girls Build Leadership summit in Los Angeles, Dec. 15, 2017.


Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential campaign can be harvested’ve got the Facebook data of millions of people via an app that asked them to pair your Facebook friends list with your smartphone is the contacts list – in an attempt to the people and persuade them to vote for Clinton.

In the middle of the election, the Clinton campaign, a mobile application called “Hillary 2016” started , worked his way around the banned practice of gathering information from users’ friends without their consent.

The Clinton campaign’s use of big data presents in the midst of the controversy surrounding Cambridge Analytica, a data-driven company with connections to the Trump campaign, which has accused the mining Facebook data and use that to potential voters.

There was never a campaign app, as this. Download it today to win Hillary.

— Hillary Clinton (@Hillary Clinton) 24. July 2016

But a spokesman for Clinton, pushed back against any comparisons with Cambridge Analytica, told Fox News that the campaign let the mobile application only “users to your friends about the campaign.”

Trump and Cambridge Analytica, in the collected between the time the Clinton spokesman, used the “stolen” data “for a purpose that was completely misrepresented to Facebook.”

“It’s the difference between someone who asks you, driving communities against her to steal her car,” he said.

President Donald Trump, however, recently the public was reminded that his social media company was seen during the campaign as a less expensive and less demanding than the Clintons.

Remember when you said during the campaign that Donald Trump gives great speeches, and drawing large crowds, but he spends a lot less money, and with social media, as well as Crooked Hillary, the large and highly developed employees. Well, not to say more!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 22, 2018

Facebook has not responded to a request for comment.

The social networking giant has banned the practice of acquisition of users’ friends-lists in 2014 after the former President Barack Obama’s campaign is attacking the method and got access to the data of millions of potential voters.

But Clinton, the application took advantage of iPhone and Facebook integration, ask each of the users, few of their friends list on Facebook with your phone contacts – and the campaign to give the permission to access to this info.

People who do not download the application is not in the position of friends of the pairing were holding their phone numbers with Facebook accounts, if your friends decided to do this.

To scroll as soon as the friends-list is paired with the app, people you had through your Facebook friends and dismiss those who, from your point of view, would never vote for Clinton. Once that was done, the rest of the friends were sorted by location and the user could send a pre-written text message, to convince you to Clinton back in a variety of ways.

Key developers of the application refused to either an opinion or did not respond to Fox News’ requests for interviews.

The campaign said at the time that more than 150,000 people downloaded the application on their devices – that means that millions of people may have been taken from information about the app.

Politically, the application was the first one who is perceived to be a thorough revision of the app, but just a month before the election, no one as potentially invasive, and in fact, he praised as an impressive choice of technology.


It was not immediately clear how the campaign used the collected data, although Clinton Elan Kriegel – the battleground states analytics Director for Obama 2012 and mastermind hired behind the use of big data to decide which voters would.for the targeted campaign messages and the way in which

For the 2016 race, Trump and Clinton a combined $spent 81 million on Facebook ads, according to Facebook General Counsel Colin Stretch, to me the sum during a congressional hearing last year.

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