Clinton calls on Russia to election loss

Hillary Clinton came out swinging Wednesday, ribs, Russia for their November loss to President Trump and accused the White house of colluding with Moscow in weaponizing technology, your campaign down.

Clinton linked Russia’s interference in the elections of 2016 to Trump and said they hope that the investigators would expose to be able to disrupt a plot of land in the US elections.

“I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that’s not why I lost,” she said at the annual Code conference in California. “Anti-American forces to go after our economy, and they are after our unity as a nation.”

“Anti-American forces to go after our economy, and they are after our unity as a nation.”

– Hillary Clinton

Clinton described how a Russian-led disinformation campaign the use of social media networks such as Facebook, which is not widely used, were able to cut through the “fake news” on the pages has been started against you.

“What we saw in this election, especially the first time we had the tech revolution really is on the offensive politically,” she said. “He aimed at me, but it’s a much deeper, persistent effort to, literally, the clock is turning back on so much of what we have achieved as a country.”

You don’t hold back when asked who they thought was responsible for the leadership of the Russians.

“I’m pitch the Trump,” she said.

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Clinton accuses Trump, the Russians and sexism for her loss, but says the decisions you made are your responsibility.

(Associated Press)

Clinton said she and her campaign tried to Russia’s interest in the US election, but said their objections were largely ignored.

“Putin wants to bring us down,” Clinton. “It’s so about me. …. I believe that what was happening was, for me, unprecedented. Over the summer we went and told everyone we could find, the Russians were in disarray with the choice and we were away would scare away basically. …. We couldn’t get the press to cover it.”

Clinton took the opening of the Problem with the year of 2010, the decision of the Supreme court, to spend the campaign.

“The first time you saw the tech revolution, really offensive, politically… you had said the citizens United at last,” you. “So, the unexplained, the money is flowing in against me, against other Democrats in a way we had not seen. You had an effective suppression of the vote.”

In the citizens United v Federal Election Commission ruling, the judge ruled that political spending is protected by the First Amendment. The ruling made it legal for corporations, unions and interest groups in the funnel unlimited amounts of money to candidates – was made only as long as it is, regardless. The high court’s decision led to a boom in the super-PACs.

Clinton also claimed that she was unfairly treated for the acceptance of millions of dollars in speaking fees from Wall Street firms in the midst of an increasingly competitive race with a self-proclaimed “democratic-socialist” Vermont sen. Bernie Sanders, and then trump.

“I must say… I never thought someone would throw out the whole of my career, because I have a couple of speeches,” she said. “Men have paid for speeches she made… I paid for the speeches which I have made.”

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