Clinton blame-game: It’s Putin’s fault, or Comey, is to blame, but not Hillary’s


To be Hillary Clinton and her inner circle of delivery seem to be much to blame for their defeat.

But almost no one is doing the fault of the candidate for the failure, what the Democrats thought that it would be easy to beat Donald Trump.

The press in General indulges in the party-in-disorder-stories, and this one has all the elements: the fall of the house of Clinton and the Democrats in control have nothing on the hills and lose the General government. It was a little, but the trump card-the transition has sucked up most of the media oxygen. And the former democratic candidate was, to keep such a low profile that the Washington Post has a piece to the neighbors in the hunt for Hillary in Chappaqua forest.

But the pointing finger is really striking, because it is not with the Central questions, to lose the causes Clinton: she had no message, especially not an economic message. You all but ignored, Wisconsin, and Michigan. You could not build a personal narrative. They crippled the private E-Mail server. It was to change a status-quo candidate in an election. She was so Hyper-cautious about your appearances in the media, that even Rachel Maddow could not interview land. Their platform was basically, Donald Trump is crazy, and I’m not.

Even President Obama has acknowledged that the Democrats could not connect to the paycheck to paycheck voters at the base. But there is little such reflection from the Clinton camp.

Instead, Hillary Clinton says Russian hackers according to her, the campaign and the DNC came-because Vladimir Putin “has a personal Problem against me.”

That may be true, since Trump’s friendly relations with Moscow sat for a friend. Clinton told a group of donors in Manhattan that “the press is finally catching up with the facts,” and that “this is an attack against our country.” And this is true, provided that the gloomy leaks about the CIA and FBI are findings correctly.

But that’s not the reason Clinton lost. The leaks were embarrassing and a huge distraction, but hardly the choice overturned.

Now Bill Clinton has gotten into the act. He told a local newspaper that Trump “knows a lot”, but “one thing he knows is how angry, white men who vote for him.”

It is a strange diagnosis of Bubba, as he said, a part of his political success came always votes rednecks for him, the nature of the rural voters that his wife could not connect to.

The former President is accused of James Comey said the FBI chief had “cost her the election” through the launch of a new E-Mail-request—this must with Anthony Weiner ‘ s computer less than two weeks before election day.

And yesterday, Clinton said, to be his wife, have been exposed to “that fake E-Mail offer”—as if she had not apologized for the circumvention of the government’s E-Mail and Comey had not have found to the handling of classified information.

For Weiner, the divorced wife, Huma Abedin, she suggested in a Vanity Fair piece. A “Clinton insider” quoted as saying Abedin “enjoyed the red carpet and the photo series too much to enjoy in my opinion. She enjoyed a celebrity too much.” This person said Abedin, and other top advisers may have Hillary, the strengthening of their bad habits and risk-averse attitude to the policy of choking—also deterring her from more than an appearance in The “view”.

So it is Putin, Comey, Huma, you name it, it is not the former first lady and Secretary of state.

If the Democrats do a better job in the diagnosis of their mistakes, you are doomed to repeat it. And for all the fascination with the trump card, this is a worthy subject for journalistic investigation.

Howard Kurtz is a Fox News analyst and host of “MediaBuzz” (Sundays 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET). He is the author of five books and has its headquarters in Washington. You can follow him at @Howard Kurtz. Click here for more information on Howard Kurtz.

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