Clinton back to win, the White house, pollster says

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If Hillary Clinton is planning a third point of view on the presidency in the year 2020, at least one democratic pollster could advise her against it.

Molly Murphy, a partner at ALG research, said last week that the latest survey-suspect results from American Barometer that Clinton is missing easy to win enough support, the White house.

The survey revealed that 44 percent of voters would back Clinton if the 2016 presidential elections were to be carried out.

“That is not reported enough to be re-elected,” Murphy, Joe Concha, host’s” What America Thinks, said,” the hills.

She said, to reflect the number seems to be the only true believers among Clinton supporters – those “who would still choose love, and still be able to see you again.”

But winning a General election requires a candidate to build support beyond the base.

The same poll showed that President, Trump said, to repeat probably hard for 2016 to be a success, if the elections were held today, Only 36 percent of the trump-voters, they would support him again.

“I think that the survey shows that neither of these candidates are within a few points of 50 percent,” Murphy said Concha.

Meanwhile, a former American Barometer survey, released in July, the question of whether the Democratic voters drove to the socialist far left of the following Trump’s victory over Clinton.

The survey found that 64 percent of Democratic voters said they would not back a socialist, the survey said, according to the Hill. (The figure was 76 percent for all voters.)

Among the voters who supported Clinton in the 2016 presidential elections, the support for the socialists was even lower: Only 59 percent said they would support a socialist candidate.


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