Clinton allegedly fundraisers FBI Comey told not to damage the letters


Hillary Clinton has reportedly offered a couple of private but honest explanations about why they lost the White house bid, say, high dollar fundraisers Saturday, FBI announcements on a second probe in its Secretary of state E-Mails were damaging to.

Clinton made the remark in a 30-minute phone conference with Democrats, which raised more than $100,000, according to Politico.

The former State Department leader, lost in a surprising defeat to Republican candidate Donald Trump — as a first candidate, the substantially solid in every major poll for the entire campaign.

FBI Director James Comey Congress said in the Oct. 30 letter that the Agency was looking into the found E-Mails in an unrelated case, in connection with a closed FBI case directly via E-mail.

Clinton suggested that her campaign’s internal poll numbers plunged after the E-Mail, but still recovering, a person on the Saturday call, told Politico.

But she said the second Comey letter, three days before the election day, and she said she had balanced in the main, the non-relative case, aroused Trump voters.

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The FBI is investigating Clinton’s private email server while Secretary of state. Comey said some of the E-Mails that contain classified information and that they are “extremely reckless” in their action, but closed the case in July, with no recommendation of criminal charges. So the case has not been closed by the Ministry of justice.

Clinton on Thursday told her campaign staff that they are “in the breach”, the half of the trump card of advocates deplorables,” The New York Times were to say”.

You and your campaign essentially defended the remark by saying that she regretted the “half” of the supporters were “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic.”








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