Clint Eastwood is suing a medical company on patents, report says

Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood reportedly filed a lawsuit Tuesday against a medical company.


Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood reportedly filed a lawsuit Tuesday against a medical company, accusing the group of manipulating a business deal in order to acquire research patents.

Eastwood was an investor and shareholder Dr. Harry Demopoulos and his company, Antioxidant Pharmaceuticals Corporation, before these are merged under a new company, Molecular Defense Corporation, according to The Hollywood Reporter, quoting the complaint.

The lawsuit was filed against the Molecular Defenses, and the head of Kevin Davis, the outlet said.

Prior to his death, Demopoulos reportedly targeted research on the addition of glutathione.

In the lawsuit, the actor claimed that at the end of 2015 Demopoulos’ company underwent the “so-called voluntary reorganization” in the Molecular Defense Corporation, according to THR.

But by the beginning of the following year, Demopoulos had a stroke, THR said, and, according to the lawsuit, “it was in this tragic time as Suspects pounced, seizing Dr. Demopoulos’ business (and six AMERICAN glutathione patents) for their own purposes.”


If the researcher is working on improving his health, the lawsuit alleged that the Molecular Defenses had an agreement drawn up that “supposedly signed by Dr. Demopoulos ‘attorney’ – for the provision of the contract of the six AMERICAN glutathione patents, APC Defendant’s Molecular Defense Holdings, LLC in exchange for membership rights in this Suspicious entity”, according to THR.

And in the lawsuit, the actor reportedly claimed that unbeknownst to him, Demopoulos’ company had disbanded more than a decade earlier, and their properties were not distributed to investors.

“Dr. Demopoulos died a short time later, leaving unfinished (and a mess) his alleged efforts to consolidate its business and account for the resulting rights and equity to the shareholders,” The Hollywood Reporter quoted the lawsuit as saying.

Since Demopoulos became ill, the lawsuit allegedly states that the Eastwood trust has made “herculean efforts” to get hold of material related to “the company, the shareholders and the intellectual property of Dr. Demopoulos’ businesses.”


Molecular Defense Corporation is a defendant in the lawsuit of the not “even the bare minimum,” THR reported.

The plaintiffs claim that in the previous two years, the company has used a strategy of excessive delay with kind words, empty promises and the drip of incomplete, contradictory, and the vaguest of information.

“The whole time, during which time they requested additional investment of the Eastwood Trust, Defendants have worked to develop and take advantage of all the good of the glutathione patents that rightfully belongs to the shareholders of APC, including the Eastwood Trust,” the lawsuit continued.

By means of the complaint, Eastwood wants to be a remedy for “fraud by direct usurpation, secret intellectual property transfers, and corporate shell games,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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