Climate change may impact on sleep quality of people

Climate change may impact on sleep quality of people

The warming of the earth may influence on the sleep quality of people. As temperatures locally can be very high – something that is expected to be increasingly going – sleep less well than normal.

That emerges from research is published in Science Advances.

“Climate change brings many changes with it,” says researcher Nick Obradovich from Harvard’s Kennedy School. “This is just one factor in a mosaic of negative consequences.”

Obradovich looked at a study of 765.000 inhabitants of the United States, who were questioned about their sleeping patterns of the thirty past few days. He explained their answers in addition to weather data in different cities.

The higher the temperature was, compared with the average, the greater the number of nights that people thought not good to sleep in.

“As in the entire United States, a rise in temperature of 1 degree Celsius would take place, that adds up to nine million nights with too little sleep per month, according to Obradovich in the Los Angeles Times.

Air conditioning

Further investigations showed that hot nights not everyone would have the same effect. People with an annual income of $ 50,000 or less are three times more likely a bad night to log on by hot weather than people who have more than $ 50,000 per year earn. That is perhaps explainable because poorer people don’t have air-conditioning.

Further, people appear who are older than 65 are more sensitive to a bad night’s sleep on hot days than younger people. That may have to do with the fact that the elderly, their body temperature is harder to regulate.

Finally looked Obradovich to the predicted effects of climate change on temperature in the future. In 2050, there will be higher temperatures, six additional nights of insufficient sleep cause in a hundred individuals, he predicts. In 2099, it goes to fourteen additional nights.

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