‘Clients’ a lawyer Home to court in order to falsify the documents

In the former Soviet Union-born men, who will work closely with the solicitor of the U.s. president and Donald Trump in the United States of america have been sued for, among other things with conspiracy, and the falsification of documents.

The couple is accused of hundreds of thousands of dollars from foreign investors, having lent it to the campaign team of the Us president. The money would be put up along with a company of the duo is in Florida, too.

Lev Parnas, and Igor Fruman would be Trumps attorney Rudy Giuliani also helped with the collection of evidence in the case against Joe Biden, a political rival of Home. So Parnas during a meeting between Giuliani and the now-opgestapte U.S. ambassador to Ukraine: Kurt Volker, have sat down to discuss the matter. Giuliani said this summer that Fruman, and Parnas of his clients.

In the same case, which is the Thursday of the start of the Ukrainian Andrey Kukushkin, and the American writer, David Correia brought to trial. It is not clear what role they may have played.

The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky said on Thursday night that he Parnas as a Fruman has never met any of them. According to the Ukrainian president to the USA, no requests have been received at any time.

Also, He was using a statement in which he said that he and the two men don’t know, “even though there are pictures of them with the Giuliani”. The latter has been the personal lawyer of the Home, which is separate from the government, operating on behalf of the president. Giuliani is a Republican, and was a past mayor of New York city.

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Energieminister Perry, cited in the research, Democrats are at Home

The son of a Biden would be on a corrupt company, and have been working in the Ukraine. He discussed the matter with Zelensky, in a telephone call, and are accused of millions of dollars in aid to Ukraine, temporarily, to have it kept as a drukmiddel in order to release any information to be given about the range of plant’s son.

The phone call was revealed by a whistleblower within the intelligence and security services, and the Democratic party, a preliminary investigation was initiated for possible dismissal from the Home. They found that he used his political power has been abused.

The Democrats want to now also, the documents presented to get energieminister, and Rick Perry. He was present at the inauguration ceremony of Zelensky.

Perry was brought to trial because of “the recent public reports, questions, call, about Perry’s role in the controversial telephone conversation between He and Zelensky”.


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