Claudia de Breij is the try-outs are nice, but the rest of

Claudia de Breij, to the public service broadcaster of the year-old conference is allowed to take care of you, to find the try-outs to be fun, but also terrifying. That, ” she said in an interview with the VARAgids.

The 44-year-old De Breij is on the verge of making its year-old conference that in NPO1, it will be sent out. In the past few months, removed it and scraped them on her show.

A sold-out audience of eighty people were in the rough, a 2.5-hour-long show that will eventually be brought back it had to be for 1.5 hours. The second try-out was even worse than the first one,” says De Breij.

“For the first time, you don’t know exactly what it is, and you can enjoy the excitement of the first smile. The second try-out can only be a disappointment, and the kick has already been been. So try out to feel as if you have something cooked up to have something good to be found.”

‘Not a sacrifice, but it is a challenge

In her downtime, the year-old conference, a major impact. Jessica van Geel, the wife of The Breij, was just as terrified as she heard the comedian of the conference for her was to take. In 2006, she did it before.

“A loved one should be able to handle such a show, in full possession of you, and that you have become so mentally absent,” says De Breij. “If I’m not on stage, am and am, I write all day long. I see it as a sport. It’s not a sacrifice, but it’s a challenge.”

However, it is a lot better than they were three years ago, according to the De Breij. The fear is that the comedian, when was it, it is no longer there. It also decided that the Breij and that they will fit and put himself in a lot of your diet. A year of no alcohol, healthy eating and exercise. Up until New year’s eve, during Christmas, have a drink, the comedian has no a drop of alcohol. “After the show, I’m broken, but I’ve noticed that I’m much easier to repair. Have a good night’s sleep and I’m back at the old one. I do not,” says De Breij.

Previous to the conference of The Breij, more than 2 million people have viewed it

The conference of The Breij in 2016, and was performed at the Oude Luxor in Rotterdam, and it was at the time is 2.12 million people watched. That is from the last few years of Marc-Marie Huijbregts was good for up to 1.5 million viewers. It was the least-watched oudejaarconference in 2010.

The year-old conference by Claudia de Breij is on Tuesday the 31st of december, at NPO1.

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