Claudia de Breij is ‘democracy’ as the main theme in the year-old conference

Claudia de Breij is ‘democracy’ as the main theme in the year-old conference

Claudia de Breij, to the public service broadcaster of the year-old conference is allowed to take care of ‘democracy’ as a theme was chosen. The comedian finds that “a safe space between the secure, the opinions of less it seems to have become a”.

“We need to be in contact with each other continue to be,” explains De Breij video for The World to Turn To. “The safe space between the secure, the opinions seem to be less, it’s a democracy, it is when they become.”

The comedian, who is the conference for the second time that offers, say ‘ nothing, if you’re used to peace and freedom. “But if you look at the history closely, you can see just how fragile that time was. That I have not previously been made.”

De Breij her show, now rehearsing in several of the try-outs. “The first one lasted for 2.5 hours while I was at the new year’s eve, there’s only 1.5 of the charge. There are so many people, I have a few darlings to kill.”

News topics covered during the conference were addressed, among others, the lack of money for education, and the boerenprotesten.

Previous to the conference of The Breij, more than 2 million people have viewed it

The conference of The Breij in 2016, and was performed at the Oude Luxor in Rotterdam, and it was at the time is 2.12 million people watched. That is from the last few years of Marc-Marie Huijbregts was good for up to 1.5 million viewers. It was the least-watched oudejaarconference in 2010.

NPO-year-old conference has been in the last few years by a variety of comedians taken care of. Youp van ‘t Hek, Theo Maassen, Herman Finkers, were to be seen on the public broadcasting system.

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