Claimorganisaties set Schiphol liable for any delay

Claimorganisaties set Schiphol liable for any delay

The organizations Claimingo and ReisRecht go to Schiphol and the airlines next week to formally be held accountable for the delays that travelers in the may occurred, because of the very long queues at the airport.

Hundreds of victims have joined Claimingo and ReisRecht reported. “We’re going to double liability,” says attorney Alexander Colenbrander of Claimingo Friday in The Telegraph.

“Waiting time is to be accounted for by securitychecks of the airport. But the airline where you check in or you deliver your bags, and the state, which is on the passport control, can partly blame on the unreasonable delay, because, for example, in peaks to little counters, and booths open.”

Themselves out

Vliegpassagiers that damage according to Colenbrander, in principle, a claim with all parties involved. “They have between them to figure out. Otherwise we will switch the court for a judgment.”

Schiphol airport last week after a meeting with Dutch state secretary Sharon Dijksma (Infrastructure) measures for the summer announced that a repetition of the chaos in the spring to prevent it.


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So this summer all beveiligingsdoorgangen in terminal 1 opened due to the big crowds. Also in terminal 2 if needed all beveiligingsdoorgangen opened.

There are additional guards used and more staff to passengers to assist you.

Crowds at Schiphol airport during a holiday

Hustle and bustle on the airport Schiphol.

Travelers wait in queues at the luggage check at amsterdam Schiphol airport. Because of the beginning of the spring there is great hustle and bustle.

Airport Schiphol airport this summer, all beveiligingsdoorgangen in departure hall 1 opening due to the large crowds. Also in terminal 2 if needed all beveiligingsdoorgangen opened.

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Daily had dozens of travelers are rebooked their flight have missed. For delays of three hours or longer, passengers are also entitled to compensation.

The increasing crowds at amsterdam airport Schiphol, KLM has also in the longer term, hinder in its growth plans. With local residents it was agreed that by 2020 not more than 500,000 aircraft per year may depart or land at the airport.

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