CKS going commitment to fair mode

The Belgian fashion brand CKS has joined the Fair Wear Foundation, an independent inspection organization that brands assists in improving the working conditions.


By joining FWF is the brand a commitment to social issues. The basis of a collaboration between FWF and a member is the “Code of Labour Practices”. This code is based on eight arbeidsstandaarden which resulted from international negotiations, such as, for example, the pursuit of a living wage and avoiding child labour.

In addition, there are controls carried out to verify that the standards are adhered to and put the trademark procedures that agree with the goals of the Foundation. Later this year, follows the first FWF report for CKS, in which the achievements will be communicated.

The Fair Wear Foundation will work together with fashion designers in their struggle against unfair working conditions in the eleven producing countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Previously trading Belgian brands JBC, Bel&Bo. (LP)


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