CIA’s Brennan rejects Donald Trump’s criticism, says the dossier of the intel community


John Brennan, the outgoing Central Intelligence Agency Director, rejected President Donald Trump’s suggestion that he may be unverified dossier, which claims leaked that Russia had compromising allegations about trump.

“First, the intelligence community-information,” Brennan said Monday. Brennan said that he had not read the documentation and according to the Wall Street Journal, gave it no special credibility.

Trump blasted the outgoing Director on social media Sunday after Brennan Trump said a “full understanding” for Russia’s power and threat in the world.

“I don’t think he said a full understanding of Russian capabilities, and the actions you take on the world,” Brennan “Fox News Sunday.”

He also suggested that Trump is a “full recognition” of Russia’s aggression, or it is missing, why President Obama imposed sanctions against the Kremlin for meddling in the 2016 presidential elections.

“Mr. Trump has to understand that to acquit Russia is a road, he must be very, very careful to the bottom,” Brennan said.

Trump responded with a two-tweet message that is critical of the CIA-Brennan and inquired whether the Director had supplied a dossier of unverified allegations that Russia had gained spies, compromising personal and financial information on trump.


On the day after the dossier contents were published by BuzzFeed, Trump posted on Twitter that the intelligence services “should never have allowed this fake news to ‘leak'” before the question “do we live in Nazi Germany?”

Brennan was reportedly outraged that Trump his fellow spies attacked, according to The Journal. He mentioned trump tweet about Nazi-Germany in particular.

“Say the families, from which 117 of the CIA, officials said, forever immortalized on our wall of honor, their relatives, gave their lives, were similar to the Nazis,” Brennan. “Tell the CIA officers who are serving in harm’s way now, and their families, the care of them akin to Nazi Germany. I found this very offensive and I will be forever for the integrity and patriotism of my officers who have a lot of victims have done over the years, for their fellow citizens.”

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