CIA-the candidate talks tough on Russia


WASHINGTON – Donald Trump is, choose to run the CIA took a tough stance against Russia on Thursday, distancing themselves from the President-elect, who wants to warm relations with Moscow.

Rep. Mike Pompeo, a four-term conservative Kansas Republican, spoke at his hearing before the Senate intelligence committee, in the midst of an irritated confrontation between Trump and the spy community, on the Russian activities during the presidential election.

“Russia has become aggressive again, invading and occupying Ukraine, which threaten Europe, and to do nothing to help in the defeat of the ISIS,” Pompeo said, referring to the Islamic state militants.

If confirmed, Pompeo would be the top of the CIA, what he said was the “most complex threats to the United States in recent memory.”

Pompeo was a vocal member of the partisan house Committee investigating the deadly attack on a U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012 that occurred while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of state. He told the Committee that he understands that, as Director of the CIA, he would have to transition from a partisan, policy-the legislator of an objective intelligence-gatherers.

“I spent most of my life outside politics — as a U.S. army cavalry officer, legal representative and Manager of two manufacturing companies,” said Pompeo. “The return to duty, which requires hard work and unwavering openness is something that in my bones.”

As Director of the CIA, Pompeo could be trapped in the role of the improvement of relations between Trump and intelligence officers. Trump has a majority hostile to the secret services’ evidence that Russia, in particular, President Vladimir Putin intervened in the 2016 US election, with the aim of always trump chosen. The CIA is one of the three main intelligence services, the come to this conclusion.

On Wednesday, Trump acknowledged Russia was responsible for hacking speculated, however, that the secret services leaked might have to news organizations information on a ” classified briefing included with it that unsubstantiated claims about its relations with Russia.

On other topics, Pompeo said, Iran has encouraged a “more and a disruptive player in the Middle East.” He said North Korea is dangerous accelerated its nuclear and ballistic capabilities. And he called the conflict in Syria has resulted in a tragic humanitarian disaster, the rise of extremism and sectarianism, and has destabilized the Middle East and Europe.

Pompeo, the Obama administration has been critical of the nuclear deal with Iran gives Tehran sanctions relief for the Rollback its nuclear weapons program.

“While I Pompeo said against the Iran deal as a member of Congress, if confirmed, my role will change,”. “I will lead the Agency’s aggressive collection operations and analysts to ensure have the time, the political space and resources objective and sound decisions.”

Pompeo concluded the first in the class of 1986 at the U.S. military Academy at West Point. He served in the army at a time when the Soviet Union was America’s main adversary. As a member of the House intelligence committee, Pompeo traveled far and met many intelligence professionals.


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