Church Australia paid 200 million euros to victims of abuse

Church Australia paid 200 million euros to victims of abuse

Photo: AFP

The Catholic Church in Australia paid converted about 200 million euros as compensation for the thousands of victims of sexual abuse since the eighties. More than 4,400 people have reported that they have been the victim of abuse.

According to a report on the abuse, a total of 3.066 victims a form of compensation received. On average, there was about 33 years between the time of the abuse and the time that declaration was made. It is expected that a large group of people, no tax return has done.

Hundreds of cases are still in treatment. The official commission that the abuse card, estimates that, on average, approximately 66,000 registered euro per person is paid.

The organization Christian Brothers has in total the most paid in: almost 33 million euros. That amount is distributed over 763 people. The Jesuits paid the most per person, about 185.000 euro. Also, some victims in a non-financial way compensated.

7 percent of roman catholic priests in Australia in the past six decades, since 1950, accused of child abuse. The average age of the victims was around the age of 10 in girls and around the age of 11 in boys.

The commission was in the 2013 set. She also examines misbruikzaken outside the Catholic Church.

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