“Chrome would detect incognito mode make it impossible for websites’

Google wants the websites more difficult to detect or incognito mode in Chrome is turned on. The website 9to5Google discovered that in upcoming updates to the source code of the web browser.

The incognito mode in Chrome allows you to browse web pages without the user leaves a mark on his own computer. Among other things, the so-called ‘FileSystem API’ of Chrome is then turned off, causing websites not to temporary or permanent files can place on the user’s system.

Programmers and web designers, however, were for a long time to a user in incognito mode, to detect by looking for something by this FileSystem can be stored. Some sites block the user then.

In the source code of an upcoming version of Chrome is now a virtual file system spotted. Which stores files temporarily in the ram, but that is erased when the browser is closed. That should be it for websites, make it impossible to see if someone uses incognito mode.

The new incognito solution would be from the 74th edition of Chrome is switched on manually, it should be and state two versions later automatically. Chrome is currently in version 72.


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