Christmas shutdown could be more the cost of the taxpayer – thanks to the obscure decision-making

in the vicinityvideo wants Congress to strike a deal to prevent government shutdown?

To weigh the former-trump-campaign director of data and strategy, Matt Braynard and Suzan Johnson Cook, former adviser to presidents Clinton and Obama.

During the Congress, a possible stopgap weighs that could keep the government running past the Friday deadline, all of the missteps this year, a shutdown could be fighting expensive.

This is because, if the government does not miss the date, and shut down this weekend, an obscure court decision from last February to a still-higher price-tag for taxpayers.

The judgment of judge Patricia Campbell-Smith found that Federal workers are required to show up during a shutdown are entitled to double pay if you miss to pay a period during this time.

The collective-action case, involved 25,000 Federal workers, the paid because the time has not, during the 2013 shutdown lasted 16 days. The workers were earning as eligible, the Federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour for the time delays were checked, according to State Executive, but also entitled to the overtime that you have purchased.


This time around, the Trump administration would avoid delays in payment, or of the likelihood of a costly payout in the event of a shutdown.


The entire impact of a possible closure is difficult to determine, since each Agency has their own emergency plan. In the year 2017, the Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney instructed to use agencies “to try to carry-forward” and “transfer of authority” methods, and to prevent an interruption in the support for the workers during a shutdown.

The number of workers likely to be affected in the current financing of the fight is relatively small. Earlier this year, President Trump under the law rules, provided that the annual discretionary funding for 75 percent of the Federal government, including the departments of defense, labor, health and Human Services, education, energy and Veterans Affairs. Still, important departments, such as, for example, the heads of state and Homeland Security could see the funding run on Dec. 21 if Congress does not pass legislation, the Trump sign.

Of the approximately 850,000 workers would be affected by a shutdown, about 345,000, or 41 per cent, would be furloughed, according to a government Executive analysis.

A further aggravating factor in the current conflict is that it is only a few days before Christmas-a time when many people, including the workers who either plan to leave or try to make your remaining time before the end of the year. According to the guidelines of the Office of Personnel Management, all of the paid leave would not be repealed after a shut down, as the paid exemption authorized expenditure.

Although Trump to plunge last week, openly dared Congress to, in a shutdown– as he sought $ 5 billion in the edge-wall-funding – all the pages seem to work to avoid that now. Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell is moving forward on a compromise that could push-off the fight until February 2019.


Kelly Anne Conway, Advisor to the President, “said on” Fox & Friends “Wednesday morning that Trump soften” its position on the funding for the wall, though, and emphasizes it is up to the Congress to present a deal for the President.

“He has a responsibility, the government is moving forward and he has the task, the border security,” said Conway. “If he could do it by himself – he would have done it already.”

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