Christine Ford-releases, prepared testimony before the Senate hearing: “I believed he wanted to rape me’

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Ford’s lawyers to release the results of the lie detector-report

Polygraph examiner: Ford’s answers as a deception. Mike Emanuel reports from Capitol Hill.

Christine Blasey, Ford, the California professor who claimed that the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually attacked at a party more than three decades, published the prepared remarks, it is ready to be delivered on Thursday scheduled a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

In the comments of Ford, you acknowleges never called Kavanaugh as their alleged attacker to persons outside of the therapy, until July, when contacted by The Washington Post tip-line, and sent a letter in to their demands to sen Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

Ford will say that she remembers, “four boys” in the party, including one whose name I don’t remember.” The people you have comrades have refused to name — Kavanaugh and his class, Mark Richter, and P. J. Smyth — to know, under the penalty of crime, something about the alleged episode.

Ford also described a girl, “my friend Leland Ingham,” as well as the number of visitors. Ingham, has in a statement also denied, Kavanaugh, or the information about the alleged attack.

In Ford’s letter to Feinstein in July, but Ford is a different recording gave, in writing, that the Assembly “included me and 4 others.”

During the alleged attack, Ford said, she thought that the Board had a chance to kill me”, and “I thought he wanted to rape me.”

Dr. Ford is the Written testimony of Fox News on Scribd

The result, according to Ford is willing to give testimony to “drastically changed my life” and “me episodically as an adult followed.”

Ford said the attack came during a therapy session in 2012, as in the case of a renovation of your house, they insisted on the Installation of a “second door” — and her husband and the other questions why.


Ford went public, she said, only after you “licked before you print” as the message of your letter to Feinstein to the media. Republicans accused the Democrats affect Ford’s identity by licking the letter for political purposes only a few days before a key of the legal Affairs Committee to vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

In the following weeks, Ford has the statement, “my biggest fears were realized.” You will probably say, senators, that your E-Mail accounts hacked and has forced them to leave their homeland, and keep the guards because of the numerous threats against you.

Also on Wednesday, Ford’s lawyers the results of a lie detector published exam you took Aug. 7-but a key detail in the report seems to contradict Ford’s claims in the past.

The test was administered, compiled by former FBI agent Jeremiah Hanafin, took place in a Hilton hotel in Maryland, according to a “polygraph examination report”, Hanafin.


Hanafin first allowed to meet Ford, and lawyer, Lisa banks, to formulate alone, a hand-written statement that Ford signed and made available to Hanafin, when he returned to the room. Then, without the banks, Hanafin interviewed Ford on the day of the alleged attack, the report said.

In the hand-written statement, Ford writes, that “4 guys and a few girls were” at the party.

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The apparent differences in the Ford of the number of people at the party the survey on Thursday to be told among the likely topics. Senate Republicans announced late on Tuesday that Rachel Mitchell, sex crimes Prosecutor with decades of experience, treat some of the questioning of Ford at the hearing.

In her testimony on Thursday, according to her prepared remarks, Ford will say that you “hope[s] directly” with any senator, even than you are swear to your “best” to answer Mitchell’s questions.

Members of the Ford s-legal Department, have requested to meet with Mitchell, and asked the justice Committee if Kavanugh or his lawyers were able to advise you. Ford team, said that, although not hear, Ford is ready and well prepared for the Thursday hearing.

Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans Mitchell Wednesday night met to discuss who has learned to listen to Fox News.

Fox News’ Shannon Bream, and Jason Donner contributed to this report.

Gregg Re is an editor for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @gregg_re.

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