Chris Zegers aware of background to drama Break Free not to to thicken

Chris Zegers aware of background to drama Break Free not to to thicken

Photo: Chris Zegers

Chris Zegers has consciously chosen to be in the documentary series Break Free on the background. “We are not on the hunt for the tear,” says Zegers against

By Geertjan Lassche-made documentary series Break Free highlights of the young people during their journey on tragically killed.

In the series, which this week is a TV-Image in the category Best Factual was going to be a family member or friend of the deceased the same trip.

According to Gerard, it was initially intended that he could travel together with the friend or the family member of the victim would make.


“That is, in view of the format is also quite logical. But I would quite emphatically a role in that story, play and found, frankly, that you are an obstacle creates between Geertjan, the camera and the person who follows in the footsteps of the family member or the friend in question. That felt for me not good.”

“I would, in that case, a presenter who really like the drama wants to show. But that drama is already there, in the sense that someone died. And the life of the deceased we just want to celebrate. When the rest agreed with that, we decided to make a vertelrol (Chris Zegers, eds.) to add to it so that the story logically happen.”

No tranenjacht

In the episode of Thursday night follows Bob to the path of his brother Daan, who, during his journey through South-east Asia’s fate died. We see a boy who is emotionally a visit to the hospital where his brother died. Good television, that wants Zegers also do not deny.

“But we have no intention to make a complete emotional someone for the camera. The last thing we want is claptrap. We don’t want to show who the main character was and we do that with a family member, that is following in the footsteps of a deceased person. The last thing someone wants is thrill to create. I think that is valuable to the program. It is a representation of reality, we are not on the hunt for the tear.”

Break Free is Thursday night at NPO3 to 21.00 hours.

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