‘Choose the plant that suits your lifestyle

‘Choose the plant that suits your lifestyle

When purchasing a plant it is important to look at your own lifestyle. That says interior designer Susanne Zum Vörde against

According to the groenstylist, consumers now have enough choice for their plants and flowers. “So you must pay good attention or a plant to suit your lifestyle. A right type of plant for a living ensures that there is power in your interior is set.”

Consumers should themselves several questions, says Zum Vörde of interieurblog “How do I get a plant in my interior? What can you do with plants? What kinds of pots can I use and what does that do with my house?”

Daan Langstraat of the flower council of Holland will see that a lot of people their choice for a plant or flower to provide the care that is involved. “In plants, often arises the fear of how quickly that death.”

“It is good to be with flowers and plants to see where you drop it. A plant does it on the one place better than another”, says Zum Vörde. People who have a garden towards the north, according to her, often with little light. “Then you can choose a different plant than people who have a lot of daylight in,” she explains.

According to Langstraat are people with above average income and who are interested in fashion and interior with flowers and plants. “From a year or thirty people are starting to really keep busy and they can also afford to make flowers to buy. We also see an audience that is younger and that area is ahead. The audience is addresses earlier trends and want to distinguish themselves.”


Also sustainability is an increasingly important role to play in the choice of plants and flowers. “People are beginning more and more respect for nature. You can see that there are more and more natural materials to be applied. Especially solid wood is all the way back again.”

“Mainly with the young families you see this. That is also my main target with my blog,” says Zum Vörde. “Who are more open to new materials and solutions, such as rugs with recycled materials are made.”

A plant that in the last few years of popularity is the cactus, falls Zum Vörde. These plants are easy and you can drop, even in darker areas. “In addition, they have maybe once every two weeks, a splash of water.”

Health effect

In addition to effects on the interior have flowers and plants also a health effect. “Plants work stressverlagend and air purifying, live the finer by a green interior,” says the interior designer.

Langstraat, adding that the purchase of plants to be fitter want to feel. “A healthy air in your home is the last years a very important aspect of plants.”

Still, according to Langstraat and Zum Vörde thing to have plants and flowers to take good care of. “Make sure that the water in the vase it stays fresh. You may also use a drop of proved it, because there is no bacteria in the vase,” said Zum Vörde. Langstraat gives as a tip to make the vase easy to clean. “Make the vase, for example, clean with chlorine. Flowers are quicker death when bacteria linger.”


Saturday is the National Tulpendag. On the Dam square in Amsterdam, visitors can enjoy a free bunch of tulips picking off the more than 200,000 dropped tulips. According to the Royal General Association for bulb-growing cultivation (KAVB) is the first time this year the border of two billion tulips have broken through. In 2016 were more than 1.9 billion snijtulpen produced.

The National Tulpendag is seen as the start of the new tulpenseizoen. Langstraat has the idea that people really look forward to this day. “The netherlands is really famous for the tulpenproductie. The tulip is seen as the bringer of spring: the ultimate voorjaarsbloem.”

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