‘Cholera outbreak Yemen prepares for the end of 2017 600,000 inhabitants’

‘Cholera outbreak Yemen prepares for the end of 2017 600,000 inhabitants’

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The number of people with cholera in Yemen runs for the end of the year is expected to grow to 600,000.

That allows the Red Cross Wednesday on the basis of the recent developments in the country.

With the number one on the 45 inhabitants of Yemen are sick. At this time, the outbreak is already more than 1.850 victims cost. Since may’s death, according to the aid organization every day, some 27 people from cholera.

“Drugs may not be freely imported because of the conflict in the country,” says Peter Maurer, head of the International Red Cross on Wednesday during a press conference. Only 45 percent of all medical facilities is operational, the rest is destroyed. “Citizens should not be part of the conflict. Warring parties should be reluctant with violence, and humanitarian aid to pass through.”

The organisation speaks about “the largest cholera outbreak in modern history”.

Cholera is an infectious disease that is caused by a bacterium, usually spread by contaminated drinking water. The symptoms are diarrhea and dehydration. Cholera is easy to tackle if the disease in time, it is acknowledged.

Yemen hit by cholera

The number of deaths as a result of a cholera outbreak in Yemen has now risen to 1850.

The civil war in Yemen has ensured that almost 15 million people have no access to sanitary facilities and drinking water.

In addition, many people are malnourished, making them especially vulnerable to the disease.

A young child that is infected with cholera are being treated.

Each day, hitting about five thousand Yemenis infected with the deadly infectious disease.

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At the end of June beat the world health organization WHO and Unicef even though the alarm on the current figures. The organizations say there is anything to do to the outbreak to a halt. “We are now facing the worst outbreak of cholera worldwide”, said the WHO and Unicef in the declaration. “In two months time cholera spread to almost every corner of the country.”

As a result of the years of civil war have 15 million people in Yemen do not have access to sanitary facilities and drinking water. Rioolnetwerken and waste water treatment plants have been destroyed. In addition, many people are malnourished and therefore more susceptible to the disease.

The Red Cross has giro 6868 open to more support, with medical help, schoondrinkwater and medications.

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