Choice for good hospital after heart attack life can extend

Choice for good hospital after heart attack life can extend

High quality care after a heart attack, the service life can up to more than a year, American researchers.

They examined the data of 120,000 patients who, between 1994 and 1996 were treated after a heart attack, in many hundreds of different hospitals. Then looked roughly seventeen years later, the life expectancy of the patients.

It was found that the patients who at the time of their heart attack were treated in the best qualified hospitals, an average of nine to fourteen months longer life expectancy. The full results are published in the scientific journal New England Journal of Medicine.

“It does so, to which hospital after a heart attack,” said research leader Emily Bucholz of the Boston Children’s Hospital to the Associated Press. “It is worth the effort to find out what the best hospitals in your region are.”


A comment from the study is that this is about treatments from the nineties, and the care after a heart attack in all the hospitals is getting better.

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