Chocolatier Pierre Marcolini: ‘I pull on my shoes and the holiday begins’

Two months, and to tell of interesting people about their zomerwensen and plans. Today: chocolate maker Pierre Marcolini. “There I was strawberry to dab in chocolate at a height of 15,000 feet.’

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Pierre Marcolini (54) foams all corners of the planet looking for the best cocoa beans to select it, and roasted them himself in his studio in Brussels. At the age of 31 was Marcolini world champion pastry chef and since 2015 he may by appointment call. The chocolademeester was recently a collaboration with Victoria Beckham for the tenth anniversary of her fashion label to celebrate. Currently, there are about forty Marcolini stores spread all over the world.

What was the best summer of your life?

PIERRE MARCOLINI: My honeymoon in 2008. We were all together, family and friends, in the midst of the Beaujolais vineyards near Chateau Lambert. A very nice moment.

What is your favorite summer destination?

MARCOLINI: I am Currently under the spell of the charming Portugal. I love their friendly inhabitants and beautiful landscapes. Add to that a good fish on the waterfront and it is perfect. One of my favorite terraces, Tonio Tacerto is located in the south of Portugal. On the beach with view on the Atlantic Ocean, fantastic.


I can’t possibly leave without a few chocolate bars in my suitcase

Where do you pull this summer?

MARCOLINI: I go for the first time Apulia and Bari to explore in the South of Italy. I love the sun, something I undoubtedly thanks have to my Italian heritage. In addition, I go to Madagascar to new cacaoboonplantages to visit. My last visit dates back a few years ago and I can’t wait to go back. It is a beautiful country.

What is for you the taste of summer?

MARCOLINI: A good glass of white wine on a beautiful terrace.

What is your favorite summer meal?

MARCOLINI: During the summer I’m not leaving without my book from Ottolenghi. The Israeli kitchen fits in perfectly with the holiday months. I immerse myself with pleasure in his recipes and then get to work.

What flavors of ice cream you can’t resist?

MARCOLINI: Caramel with salted butter, I find it irresistible. Praline and of course chocolate ice cream are also favorites.

What are your favorite restaurants abroad?

MARCOLINI: My lievelingsadresjes at this time are: Saquana in Honfleur, Lido 84 on lake Garda, Miss & Mister Bund in Shanghai and Quique Da Costa in Valencia.

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If you’re a minibar itself could fill, what sticks out sure?

MARCOLINI: I would have a nice bottle of whiskey in place, preferably Japanese. A good rum and a Chartreuse or a Tarragone (kruidenlikeurs). Also some juice of my friend Alain Milliat. And, of course, a few chocolate bars, milk and dark chocolate.

What is your favorite city in the world and why?

MARCOLINI: Tokyo. It is such a unique city. You have more than 10 million inhabitants, and yet everything feels really safe. There is never enough time to get everything on display. On every corner you see something new. I also like the mentality of the people there. Everyone has so much respect for each other and for the craft sector, something which I really find important. The country and the city fascinate me a lot.

What is missing is never in your suitcase?

MARCOLINI: I can’t possibly leave without a few chocolate bars in my suitcase. For the rest it seems my suitcase to that of a standard traveller from the twenty-first century. I continue to be happy connected with the world to know what is going on. Therefore, I also on vacation not away from my iPad. The trips that I make, inspire me a lot and with my iPad I can do all my impressions, ideas and discoveries easy to keep track of. My charger is logically an equally important item in my suitcase.


My favorite vacations are those where we go in search of new raw materials

Your favourite kind of journey?

MARCOLINI: My favorite vacations are those where we go in search of new raw materials. For instance, when new beans and to get acquainted with the residents and growers. We walk a few days with them and build a lasting and authentic relationship. That way, we learn their traditions and culture, a great source of inspiration for me. If it can take I also like to have a look in the kitchen of the locals. It is extremely interesting to see which local to use them elsewhere in the world handle during cooking.

Tell us about a small, secret address in the foreign country that you know.

MARCOLINI: My Japanese partner took me once to a cocktail bar, hidden deep in Tokyo. I’m not a big cocktailliefhebber, but they create real art. The bartender made a delicious and impressive Martini ready. Closer to home there is the Frenchie wine bar on Rue du Nil in Paris. The place is run by my good friend and chef Gregory Marchand.

Pierre Marcolini © Charlie De Keersmaecker

What is the most beautiful souvenir you’ve ever brought?

MARCOLINI: One of my best and especially most touching souvenirs comes from Cuba. We were on a visit to a cacao plantation and met Urbano. A man who, over decades, concerned with the making of cocoa and that his work showed. He was so honored by our coming that the next day he written a song and had it in the middle of the plantation teenagers. It was a magical and timeless moment.

Funniest reisanekdote?

MARCOLINI: One of the funniest anecdotes is quite recent. I was on a include a long distance flight and the steward recognized me. The man came to me and asked me if I wanted to help in the preparation of the dessert. There I was strawberry to dab in chocolate at a height of 15,000 feet.

You can, once on holiday, easy to relax?

MARCOLINI: No worries! I pull off my shoes and the vacation begins.

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