Chinese satellite sends ‘onhackbare’ communication about 1,200 kilometres

Chinese satellite sends ‘onhackbare’ communication about 1,200 kilometres

Photo: AFP

A Chinese satellite has quantum technologies used to ‘maintain’ to communicate over a distance of 1,200 kilometres. That is a duplication of the previous record.

The team of Chinese scientists writes about this week on the experiment in Science. In the communication, was used to ‘quantum entanglement’.

By the phenomenon of one particle have an effect on a ‘twin’ at a great distance. Scientists do not know exactly how the phenomenon works, but quantum entanglement makes it theoretically possible over very long distances without delay to communicate, while communication can not be overheard.

In 2015, had Delft scientists a world-first by two particles to intertwine over a distance of 1.3 kilometres. A year later, launched China satellite to quantum entanglement in space to test over much longer distances.


During the successful experiment communicated a particle on the earth with a particle in the satellite.

They were previously in a ‘quantum superposition’, in which the particles at the same time, different kwantumeigenschappen may have. Only if one of the particles is observed he gets one kwantumstaat, and changes the associated particle. Nobel prize winner Albert Einstein called this phenomenon ‘spooky action at a distance’ (spooky action at a distance).

Because in between the two particles no measurable transmission, thinking scientists that quantum entanglement can be used to communicate securely.

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