Chinese app developers are complaining about Apple with supervisor

Chinese app developers are complaining about Apple with supervisor

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A group of app developers has an official complaint against Apple, filed with the Chinese concurrentiewaakhond.

According to the developers abused Apple power via the App Store, the only way to install apps on iPhones and iPads. That says the lawyer of the group Thursday in the Financial Times.

Lin Wei, law firm Dare & Sure, says that apps sometimes without good reason from the App Store be removed, and that Apple has a high commission asking about purchases from the App Store.

“Steve Jobs was the American dream. But the unequal treatment of young Chinese developers ensures that they have their Chinese dream can not realize,” says Lin.

With that wording seems Lin is directly addressed to the Communist y, in China the power in your hands. President Xi Jinping used since his appointment in 2013, the term ‘Chinese dream’ in any advertising about his economic plans. The Communist y is also in control by the supervisory authority where the developers their complaint.


According to Lin and other experts with the Financial Times spoke with, the App Store in China are not properly legally represented. Would Apple also not have the correct license for the making available of apps.

Apple is one of the few western tech with a successful department in China. Internetgiganten as Google and Facebook are not active in the country due to strict censorship by the government. Because Apple primarily as a hardware manufacturer is active, the company continued for a long time outside shot.

Recently saw Apple, however, forced to dozens of VPN apps, which the internet censorship can be circumvented, at the expense of the Chinese government to remove. The company also has servers in the country built to the data of Chinese users within the country’s own borders to preserve.


According to the complaint of the app developers, Apple has thousands of apps without warning removed from the App Store, and it often takes a long time to get back into the healthcare app store. The developers denounce the commission of 30 percent that Apple on all in-app-purchases debits.

In China it is much more common for in-app payments or ‘tips’ for other users, so collects Apple commission, also over a larger part of all mobile transactions.

The Play Store healthcare app store developed by Google, which in the west is the standard on most Android devices, it is not in China actively. Instead, work Android devices in China with a variety of different appwinkels, and thus has no one a monopoly on the distribution of mobile software.

Apple has not on the substance of the complaint is responded to. The company says that it is to the local law and more staff in China to keep in touch with local developers.

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