China’s new laser gun to zap you with a silent, carbonizing bundle

File photo: A pro-China supporter has the Chinese national flag, outside the dinner hall of Sha Hailin, a member of Shanghai of the Communist y standing committee, in Taipei, Taiwan-August 22, 2016. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

The laser squirrel in “Star Wars” are no longer a thing of science fiction. Chinese researchers have an actual laser gun that can ignite a target on fire a half a mile (800 metres) away from the South China Morning Post reported.

But this new weapon, a so-called ZKZM-500, a few differences compared to the “Star Wars” version. On the basis of an artist, an image of the coat of arms published in the South China Morning Post, this real-life version is a boxy-shaped assault rifle that looks like a great toy gun more than a tight “Star Wars” blaster. The 15 mm caliber weapon weighs about the same as an AK-47, 6.6 kg. (3 kg), and can fire more than 1000 laser shots, each with a duration of up to 2 seconds.

The South China Morning Post reported that the weapon produces a silent, invisible energy beam — a feature that makes it stealthy, but probably not as satisfying to shoot as a “Star Wars” blaster would be. It will be powered by a rechargeable lithium battery similar to what is found in smartphones. [22 Weirdest Military Weapons]

Although the gun is classified as a non-lethal weapon, the laser shots can cause “instant carbonization’ of the human skin and tissues,” according to the South China Morning Post, which means that the skin would burn and be reduced to a carbon-if the outside of a charred marshmallow. It can also fire through windows, burn through gas tanks and ignite anything flammable. And, because the pictures are silent and invisible, “no one knows where the attack came from. It will seem like an accident,” one of the gun makers told the South China Morning Post.

But it will be different zaps to burn a hole through a body and kill someone with that weapon. The South China Morning Post reported that it is not explicitly designed for the killing of animals as a weapon that uses bullets, that is the reason why the Chinese government is classified in the laser weapon as a nonlethal. A government document, the laser gun can be used to do things, such as setting of the fire to illegal banners at a protest, or setting fire to the hairs or clothing of one of the protesters.

The weapon is ready for mass-production, but the creator, ZKZM Laser, not yet found a licensed weapons-production company ready to take up arms against $15,000 a unit, but still.

Sorry, “Star Wars” fans — as soon as they are created, these futuristic weapons are only sent to the Chinese army and the police.

Original article on Live Science.


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