China would like to clarify after death of Chinese man in Paris

China would like to clarify after death of Chinese man in Paris

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

China has Tuesday when the French government complained about the death of a Chinese in Paris. Beijing is demanding that “France, the safety and rights of Chinese residents respects” and that the death of Shaoyo Liu Sunday night at the hands of the French police, is elucidated.

The 56-year-old Shaoyo was Sunday night by an agent of a special unit killed, after the police to his house was gone because there is a familieruzie was reported.

According to the police shot an agent on the man because that with a pair of scissors, an agent that had attacked. The family fights the lecture in Chinese media bright. The man no one would have threatened and have been doing fish filleting.

Monday night, there are about 150, especially from Asia, originating from demonstrators to the police station in the north-east of Paris, went to protest against police brutality. The demonstration walked quickly out of hand and the police made more than 35 arrests. Three policemen were injured and a police car went up in flames, reported French media on Tuesday.

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