China with US-built satellites to increase police and military power

connectVideoChina reportedly the use of American-made satellites

The Wall Street Journal reports China is the use of AMERICAN satellites to strengthen military and police power; insight from the WSJ reporter Kate O’keefe.

In orbit around 22,000 miles above the Earth, a fleet of American-built satellites serving the Chinese government in a way that the challenge of the USA.

Nine of these satellites are part of the efforts to connect the Chinese soldiers on the contested outposts in the South china Sea, strengthening of the police against the social unrest and make sure that is messaging penetrates far and wide, according to the corporate records, stock records and interviews with executives.

A tenth satellite, built by Boeing Co. it would improve China’s largest competitor to the AMERICAN Global Positioning System. In addition to the civil use of the navigation system can help China in a potential conflict, such as in guiding missiles to their targets.


The U.S. law effectively prohibits Us companies from exporting satellites to China, where the domestic technology lags well behind that of the united states. But the united states does not regulate how a satellite’s bandwidth is used when the device is in the space. That China has, in essence, the hire of the capacity of the US-built satellites would not be allowed to buy, a Wall Street Journal investigation found.

Entangled in the webs of a satellite property and offshore companies have helped the government of China to achieve its goals. Some of America’s largest companies, including private equity firmCarlyle Group in addition to Boeing, indirectly facilitated China’s efforts, the Magazine found.

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