China wants tougher action against bypass internet censorship

China wants tougher action against bypass internet censorship

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China says harder to act against the use of VPN software with which websites can be reached by the authorities are blocked.

The next fourteen months there will be extra checks on the use of VPN services, made the Chinese ministry of Industry and information Technology on Sunday announced.

All providers of cable internet and VPN services in China must have the prior consent of the Chinese government. Most of the providers of VPN services have that permission, reports South China Morning Post.

The ministry says that the action is intended for the better securing of the Chinese internet. China has about 730 million internet users.


China in 1997, already has a firewall built that the internet in the country can be monitored and websites are blocked. 135 of the thousand most popular websites in the world for Chinese out of reach.

Among others, Google, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook by the Chinese authorities blocked. The services can be achieved with a VPN, that traffic is redirecting to, but who are in China illegally.


Also, certain information in China blocked, such as information about the Tiananmenprotest in 1989 against the Communist y. Hundreds and possibly even thousands, of protesters were killed in the repression of that protest.

China wants to avoid through the internet dissemination of information that could lead to protest movements against the powers that be. Of popular western social media, Chinese alternatives that are to be checked.

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