China urges North Korea to end provocations

China urges North Korea to end provocations

Photo: EPA

The Chinese minister of Foreign Affairs has there Sunday with his North Korean ambtsgenoot insisted that the regime in Pyonyang stop with the provocations. The meeting took place after the UN Security council a day earlier agreed to tougher sanctions against North Korea.

The UN resolution was on Saturday unanimously adopted by the Security council and consists of economic sanctions: the export of North Korea coal, iron ore, lead ore and seafood is limited to nine individuals and four organizations to be added to the black list of the UN. Therefore, balances with banks abroad frozen; high-ranking figures to get a travel ban.

China also agreed with the heavier penalties. That vote went to multiple negotiations voorag, because China is still a lot of trade with North Korea. Especially the American White House was dissatisfied with the alliance between the two countries, and performed a lot of pressure on China. The penalties this weekend are adopted, drawn up by the United States.

Despite the penalties the atmosphere was relaxed when the Foreign ministers shaking hands. The North Korean Ri Yong-ho remained cheerful and Wang Yi put his hand on Ri’s shoulder, writes the news agency Reuters.

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No provocations

The discussion took place behind closed doors. According to Wang, the imposed sanctions are an appropriate response to the rakettesten of North Korea, but it remains also of interest to North Korea in a call to stay. During his meeting with Ri, he has to say in insisting that North Korea adhere to the restrictions imposed.

At the same time, called Wang in the U.S. and South Korea to refrain from provocative actions, such as military posturing, and joint exercises.

Regional consultations

The bilateral talks between China and North Korea were held in the run-up of a regional veiligheidsbijeenkomst in the Philippines. During the annual meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) discussed ten countries, the security and any tensions in the region.Except the tensions around the missile of North Korea, was previously also the militarization of the South China Sea on the agenda.

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