China to evacuate a million people because of the typhoon Lekima, especially the thirty dead

At least thirty people Saturday in China, in order to in the life after the typhoon Lekima in the country came reports of the Chinese staatsmedium. At least twenty people are still unaccounted for. More than a million people living in the vicinity of Shanghai, it may be a precautionary evacuation.

Lekima was still a lot more can wreak havoc, but it took just before it reached the Chinese coast in the power. Initially it had to be Taiwan and China should brace themselves for a so-called supertyfoon. Finally got to Taiwan, just by the storm.

However, on the Chinese coast, the wind speed of 187 miles-per-hour can be measured. Lekima, the ninth typhoon of the country this year in this regard. According to the Chinese media, it is one of the most powerful typhoons in recent history.

Most of the deaths occurred in the area of Wenzhou. There was a dam, due to the large amount of rain. It was like a tidal wave as a result.


Chinese to the rescue with the cable in the floods due to typhoon Lekima

The Chinese government to evacuate a million people just as a precaution

The authorities do not rule out the possibility that Lekima still more of the victims will be required. With the typhoon approaching, today the city of Shanghai with its twenty million inhabitants. The Chinese government has, as a matter of precaution more than a million people living in and around the port was evacuated.

Some 2.7 million Chinese households are without power and many roads are impassable due to fallen trees. Reddingsmedewerkers to search for survivors among the responsible.

More than a thousand flights have been canceled, and in the coastal areas, left on Saturday, no trains. The Shanghai Disneyland resort has remained as a matter of precaution, also is closed.


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