China strongly condemns the violence in hong Kong, and expresses support for the Lamb

The central government of China, on Monday, the violence in hong Kong, and convicted. Also, Beijing again expressed support for the government, Carrie Lam, is the highest officer of the autonomy of the region. The statements follow after last weekend’s demonstrations against a controversial uitleveringswet again, the problem gone.

It is the Chinese agency that deals with hong Kong and Macao, the two special administrative regions of China, as saying that the hong kong police force, by the Beijing based. The people of hong Kong will be required to take action against the use of violence in the region.

It has been like this for at least two months to get restless in the former crown colony of the United Kingdom. The reason for this is to pass a bill that a delivery from China as possible.

The agency points out that the law has been drawn up following a murder in the Netherlands. A hong kong couple were on holiday on the island, which China is being viewed as a renegade province. The man killed his pregnant girlfriend and fled then back home. He could not be extradited, because hong Kong is not a uitleveringsverdragen, China, Macau, Taiwan and also offers.


The protesters in hong Kong to make the gas harmless, with a pylon

Demonstrations against the law on

Lamb says that the bill is “dead”, but it doesn’t hold the demonstration in. The protesters want the proposal to be final, is hereby repealed. Also, they require a Lam to blow, and that there is an independent inquiry into the actions of the police raid.

The protesters were on both the Saturday and Sunday to get in touch with the riot police. Against the people, it was tear gas, and rubber bullets are used, as in the earlier out of the hand as demonstrations against the uitleveringswet.

The Chinese agency also states that it is “one country, two systems” principle, it is best for you to hong Kong, according to The South China Morning Post. This is a reference to the high degree of autonomy that hong Kong enjoys.

The protesters argue that the uitleveringswet is the independence of hong Kong and europe. In the region, due to its special status under a legal system.

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