‘China decommissioned spy network CIA”

‘China decommissioned spy network CIA”

Photo: AFP

The Chinese government dismantled between 2010 and 2012 systematically can read of the CIA.

Eighteen to twenty CIA spies were in the time frame of two years be killed or locked so the American secret service, a heavy blow was inflicted. Reports that The New York Times on the basis of discussions with staff that the CIA or have been working.

The CIA had spent years to build up a network in the country, but at the end of 2010 began, the information from China suddenly to dry up, and in 2011, there disappeared also spies.

According to the sources within the CIA would be a spy shot in the courtyard of a government building in order to give a warning to other informants. Dozens of other CIA agents would be killed or imprisoned.


The secret service is still don’t know how China spies managed to debunk. Some people within the CIA were convinced that a mole within the CIA, the quantity of the betrayed. Others thought that China had succeeded in the code to crack that informants and the CIA used to communicate.

The CIA has ever been a person in the eye within the organization that may have information doorspeelde to China, but the evidence against him has never been found.

Since 2013 is the CIA working to make a new network of spies to build in China.

The secret service abstained from comments against the newspaper.

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