China attaches ‘great importance’ to ties with United States

China attaches ‘great importance’ to ties with United States

China showed Thursday know importance to ties with the United States. That made the country known after the letter he had received from Donald Trump, addressed to Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

In the letter want the American president, the Chinese people are nieuwjaarsgroeten and he writes to look at developing a “constructive relationship”.

The Chinese minister of Foreign Affairs, Lu Kang, praised Trump for the letter. Cooperation between the two countries is the only option, according to the minister.

Trump and Xi have not yet directly spoken since Trump on 20 January session, in the White House. Sources in Beijing let Reuters know that Xi nervous that he was in a phone call with Trump humiliated by the president. Also, is he afraid that details of such a call, there will be no leaks to the American media.

Last week would Trump in a phone conversation are lost against the Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, after a disagreement about a vluchtelingendeal. “That is the last thing China wants”, let the source know. “It would have been incredibly painful for president Xi and the Chinese people, who attach great importance to the prevention of visual loss.”


There are a number of cases, the relationship between China and the United States on edge. So broke Trump in december American policy by calling the Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen. Washington broke off in 1979 the diplomatic relations with Taiwan, and tied them on with China, that Taiwan as a renegade province see.

Also wants to Trump a trade war ignite with China, because that country with low wages, American employment would threaten. He threatened, therefore, the import tax on Chinese products to increase. Trump also said that climate change is a figment of the Chinese to the American economy to undermine.

In addition, said Rex Tillerson, before he was officially minister of Foreign Affairs, that China access to the country of claimed islands in the South China Sea should be denied.

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