China adds more cities and towns in the slot because of the corona virus

Four Chinese cities are finally gone, out of fear of the spread of the new corona virus, reports news agency AFP on Friday. The restrictions will apply to approximately 41 million Chinese people.

In Hubei province, had already been to ten cities in the lock up, due to the outbreak of the corona virus. The public transportation was shut down, the city’s public buildings have been closed, and even the big events have been canceled. Among other celebrations taking place in Beijing around the Chinese new year have been cancelled. s of the great Wall of China on Friday has ended.

In the meantime, more of the cities in Wuhan, Tianmen, Jingzhou, and Zhijiang shut down. In Shanghai and Beijing, strict measures were taken due to the fear of the spread of the mysterious virus. So, Disneyland, and the Forbidden City in Beijing, is also not open to the public. People living in areas where the virus has appeared, the authorities in the Chinese capital and Shanghai, is requested fourteen days to stay at home.

The number of infections is now on a nine hundred. There are already 25 people have died from the effects of an infection. It is a new corona virus, which is the official name given to 2019-nCoV are wearing, for the first time, when a man is found in the city of Wuhan. In the meantime, there are also infection were reported in Taiwan, Japan, and the United arab Emirates. The virus may be respiratory problems can cause. The effects range from a simple cold to a more serious lung infections.

86Hoe the mysterious corona virus is due to China’s spreading

Emergency hospital is under construction

In Wuhan, where the virus is, therefore, for the first time, it was discovered, is currently in an emergency hospital was built. The idea is that the construction of the hospital, on February 3, rounded up, and then you can start with the treatment of infected patients. The emergency hospital would have to provide to three patients.

Of coronavirussen, it is well-known that they can be transmitted from animals to humans. The new virus belongs to the same family of virus as SARS, and MERS. All of these viruses originated from animals, like if SARS comes from civet cats, and NUMBERS of them. Also, the new corona virus comes from an animal. Officially, it is not yet known for any animal, but the researchers told CNN that it took account of the fact that the virus is derived from certain species of snakes.

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