Chile’s president Piñera to dissolve the government by continuing the protests

The Chilean president Sebastián Piñera to dissolve the entire cabinet, and will be a new government with a form of social reform, writes in the BBC News on Sunday. It is not clear when the change will take place.

“I’ve got all my ministers to be informed of my decision to get the government to restructure”, said Piñera. The president also said that his country is in a new “reality” has been reached, and within a week, the “I” has been changed.

The country’s been weeks of mass protests organized against the government of Piñera. The Russian was furious, as he fares on public transport wanted to increase it. Among the South American people, and reigns already has been concern about the high cost of living and social inequalities.

The set, again, in eight Chilean cities to protest the headline in the press is stopped immediately. The declared state of emergency that cities still continue to be in force.


Why is there so much unrest in Chile

The President asked for earlier in order to the remission

Piñera asked for previously, to get forgiveness, and let us know that he and price went in at a time. In addition, he announced a package of measures, including a minimum wage, increased pensions, and the stabilisation of the cost.

Ever since the protests started, to be seventeen years it has come into your life. Hundreds of people were killed or wounded. This past Friday, and were up to a million people on the streets of the Chilean capital city of Santiago. This was the largest protest in three weeks, as the unrest in the country is stirred.


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