“Children with different birth weight greater chance of age-related diseases’

“Children with different birth weight greater chance of age-related diseases’

Children who are born with a too low or too high birth weight, according to researchers a greater chance of getting age-related diseases, such as heart disease and obesity.

This is evident from research by pediatrician Arend van Deutekom at the Free University, which he on the 21st of april will be awarded a phd.

For the study were children of eight and nine years old are invited. Their fitness was measured with a piepjestest, the muscle strength was measured with a handknijpkrachttest and also a verspring-test was conducted. In addition, completed various questionnaires.

According to Van Deutekom developing children an unfavorable energy balance if they are around the birth bad grow. These are the babies that are light at birth, but also to children who understand to quickly arrive after the birth.

Muscle strength

The gewichtsverstoringen at a very young age to hang according to the researchers, also along with problems in muscle strength and condition. These problems can make a child a lifelong burden.

“A disturbance of the energy balance means that these children are more silent, less exercise and worse food. This behaviour can ensure that they have a better chance of getting obesity and heart disease,” said Van Deutekom.

The research is part of the Amsterdam Born Children and their Development (ABCD) study. This is a study of 8,000 children from their birth to be followed. Van Deutekom examined the influence of birth weight and growth during the babyleeftijd on physical fitness, energy intake and eating behaviour, physical activity and sitting at a later age.

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