“Children who grow up on a farm have less chance of allergies’

“Children who grow up on a farm have less chance of allergies’

Children who grow up on a farm, have less chance of an allergy than when they are in the countryside or in the city to live. That according to a study by the University of Melbourne under more than 10,000 people from fourteen different countries.

That reports Time Magazine. Adults who grew up on farms were less afweerreacties against allergens and had less burden of nasal symptoms. These adults were also 54 percent less likely to have asthma and hay fever.

Researchers remain uncertain about what exactly the connection is between growing up on a farm and the development of allergies. Exposure to various microbes, air quality and physical activity play probably played a role.

The research also indicates a correlation between the longsterkte and growing up on a farm. Women who for their fifth year of life on a farm lived had stronger lungs as adults. That link was not seen in men.

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