Children of Edsilia Rombley thought about new album

Edsilia Rombley has a sequel made on Piano Ballads Volume 1, which has a number of well-known songs in a balladjasje cross. As with the first album, she asked her followers on social media to liedjessuggesties, where they are then a new version of could record for Volume 2.

“Songs of which you think: those are not typical Edsilia, but rather me,” says Rombley in conversation with

The idea came about when Rombley in the radio show of Edwin Evers was asked to be an existing song, “to throw” by all the violent instruments and the small.

“That was the song In the Shadows of the rock band The Rasmus, and that was a success. In the program’s crown jewels I sang the song Tell me it not so is Frank Sinatra, a song that is not typical Edsilia is, but with a lot of enthusiastic responses came. Then I thought: hey, here I go for a cd.”

Also Rombleys children thought about new album

Also Rombleys children have a few musical ideas, which passes finally on her new album the path. That led to a cover of The Middle by Zedd.

“That listened to my daughter a lot on vacation and she asked:” Mommy, if you want to sing?’ The idea for a cover of One Last Time Ariane Grande comes from my youngest daughter.” It was a challenge to get that song to sing, said Rombley. “That trendy songs, which are so well known, I need them to walk to fool around? But it has worked well. Giorgio Tuinfort, who co-wrote the song, has even the piano very well.”


Here you can listen to the song Weak, of Edsilia Rombley

Out of all the songs that her fans to her suggested, made Rombley a selection, including the track Weak that was originally created by the British band Skunk Anansie. “A number years ago, I very often listened to, so I found it fun to find something totally different.”

Rombleys version of the song was even listened to by Skin, the singer of the band, who got to hear through their record company. Who found the result so beautiful that they Rombley approached to put together a duetversie to sing, that the two last week will have heard in RTL Late Night.

“I was really flabbergasted when I heard that. I met her in the studio and she said to me: ‘You have sung just as I felt then. I sang it with anger, which I violently went up to sing, but you sing it sad, and that was actually also as it was then’.”

The duet that the two sang it together calls Rombley “magical”. “I have so many awesome responses. Skin was so sweet, she wanted the song to bring in the service of me, while I was actually all in her service wanted to do.”

Rombley wants people ‘not more out of chairs”

In the context of her new album is going Rombley also on tour through the Netherlands. “Where it’s at previous shows, the challenge was to have songs to sing people out of their chairs to fetch, they can now very relaxed listen”, says the singer. “I love the small, three musicians, and try an intimate, beautiful concert.”

The songs change Rombley with stories. “Last time I told them about motherhood, and how I and other parents the balls high try to keep. Now I’m forty and hear other stories. It is not a heavy evening, though, I want to the public just a lovely evening with an intimate, pretty songs.”

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