‘Children from disadvantaged families will come earlier in puberty’

‘Children from disadvantaged families will come earlier in puberty’

Children from disadvantaged families have a higher chance of early puberty. They would also have worse health.

Researchers from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) in Melbourne found in their research that boys from disadvantaged families are four times as likely to be from ten – or eleven-year-old age at puberty. Girls had the chance two times as large, so say the researchers of The University of Auckland.

During the research, some 3,700 children from their birth by the scientists followed. They are part of the Australian study, Growing up in Australia. The parents were asked whether they features of puberty wanted to report in their child between the eighth and ninth year of life. Then they had to re-indicate between the ages of ten and eleven years old.


Characteristics of puberty are a growth spurt, pubic hair and skin changes. In girls attention was paid to the advent of menstruation and breast development. In boys was also given a deepened voice and growth of beard. During the research was the socio-economic status compared to children who are early in puberty came and children according to the schedule began with adolescence.

At the age of ten and eleven years old was 19 percent of the boys and 21 percent of the girls already in puberty started. “Early puberty is one of the phenomena as a result of social backwardness. It will also influence the chances of the child later in life,” says researcher Melissa Wake.


Research into puberty, the last period more attention, because the puberty in many children earlier than other generations. According to professor Ying Sun would be a child with a lower social and economic status earlier in their teens because they need to survive. “Children who come from a poor family, the physical or, for example, a parent missing, may be previously the age of puberty in order to ensure that they are on time seed get.”

According to professor George Patton would be a early puberty in girls can lead to emotional, behavioral, and social problems. Also, a girl at a later age are more likely to depression, eating disorders and unsafe sexual contact.

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