Children are eating more and more fruit

Children are eating more and more fruit

Over the past five years, are children more and more fruit to eat. According to data from the voedselconsumptiepeiling of 2012-2016 of the national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM) is the consumption of vegetables by 20 percent.

The RIVM is currently investigating the food consumption of the Dutch population between 1 and 79 years. The increase of 20 percent, that the consumption now to an average of 94 grams of fruit per day is, takes place within the age group of 9 to 18 years.

From the data it also emerges that the Dutch are, on average, per day more than 3 kilograms of food and drink consumed. Approximately 2 kilograms of them consists of beverages.

Bread and meat are popular products. Eat Dutch people, on average, six to seven days per week. Fish and legumes are less in demand and are, on average, one time per week on the menu.

Eating habits

Dutch food are generally three main meals per day, spread throughout the day and evening. The breakfast is served between 7.30 and 9.00 am, lunch between 12.00 and 13.00 hours and dinner is traditionally around 18: 00 daily.

Dutch people eat mainly at home. About 80 percent consume his meal at home. Foods that especially outdoors to be eaten are cakes and pastries, fruit and fish.

The results of the investigation are findings from the first two years of the study. In 2018, the results of the full period of analysis expected.

Periodically by means of the voedselconsumptiepeiling data collected from the Dutch population in the order of the ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. This is already happening since 1987.

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