Chief economist Paul De Grauwe argues for BeNe League

Paul De Grauwe is, according to nobel laureate in economics Paul Krugman is one of the most important economists in the world. Less well known is that the Belgian is a big, but also worried soccer.

Paul De Grauwe lives in London, where he once a match of Arsenal share. © BELGAIMAGE

Paul De Grauwe is a supporter of Anderlecht, he confesses in an interview with Sport/Voetbalmagazine. “Sure and that will never change, but I don’t go more often to Sporting the look now I am in London and work there often stay. I go regularly to the match of Arsenal. The first time I wanted to that impressive Emirates Stadium to see. I was immediately hooked and have me at the club connected.”

“I have Manchester City in the Emirates seen and Anderlecht in the Champions League. It was a phenomenal match. I thought initially: arm Anderlecht. Purple and white was completely wiped out, but suddenly there was that phenomenal turnaround. It was beautiful to see.”

Why did his choice in London at Arsenal? Montagu: “I also had for Chelsea. Play Belgian guys like Thibaut Courtois and Eden Hazard. I do however have something against the club. That has everything to do with Novel Abramovitsj. That man is such as many of those Russians in the world because they, thanks to their connections for an apple and an egg public property in the shot were cast. They have in no way contributed to the prosperity of Russia. I would say, on the contrary. What is public possession, they have to bag. For me that was enough to say no to Chelsea, although The Blues great players. My choice also has to do with Arsène Wenger. That man has style, and that also goes for the football that he brings. Wenger always goes for positive, attacking football.”

In favour of a BeNe League

The rich are becoming richer. Also, and maybe especially in football. “In the past, had teams from Belgium or the Netherlands, more opportunities,” says Paul De Grauwe. “Today they will not be able to compete against teams who have an astronomical budget, and their best players skimming.”

Television is the main source of income has become, and our clubs are sentenced to a small market. “Everyone, the argument can handle that he was against the rest of the world to compete. I see, above all, an argument to a merger with the Netherlands. Then you have a market of 27 million people. That is not so much less than Spain or so.”

Professor Stefan Szymanski of the London School of Economics argued there years ago, in Europe, in eight regions to go play football to a ‘level playing field’. “That would be a solution, but it collides with the tradition. Even between Belgium and the Netherlands turns out to be difficult to be in one league to play football.”

François Colin

Read the interview with Paul De Grauwe in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of 29 July.

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